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Call: Foundations of Digital Games (FDG) 2014

FDG 2014, the 9th International Conference on the Foundations of Digital Games, is a focal point for academic efforts in all areas of research and education involving game studies, game technologies, gameplay, and game design.The goal of the conference is the advancement of the study of digital games, including new game technologies, capabilities, designs, applications, educational uses, and modes of play. Since its founding 9 years ago, FDG has become a premier venue for the discussion and dissemination of games research. FDG grew out of a series of games research gatherings organized by Microsoft on cruise ships, which were excellent venues for having intensive discussions with research colleagues in an enjoyable setting. This year we’re bringing FDG back to the cruise ship: it will be held April 3-7, 2014, on the Royal Caribbean’s Liberty of the Seas, sailing from Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, USA, to Cozumel Mexico.

FDG 2014 invites paper, panel, poster, demo, doctoral consortium, and workshop submissions in all research areas related to games. Read more on Call: Foundations of Digital Games (FDG) 2014…

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Holographic gaming rig CastAR aims to conquer the virtual world

[From Polygon, where the story includes more pictures and a 4:54 minute video]


How the holographic gaming rig Valve didn’t want aims to conquer the virtual world

By Colin Campbell on Oct 22, 2013

When Jeri Ellsworth and Rick Johnson parted ways with Valve last February, they took away the thingamajig they’d spent the previous year developing. And now it’s got a Kickstarter.

CastAR is a 3D holograph-style game display that runs through a pair of glasses. In the shorthand blurb of the gadget’s Kickstarter, it’s basically like that “let the Wookie win” scene in which R2-D2 and Chewbacca play a chess-style game. Read more on Holographic gaming rig CastAR aims to conquer the virtual world…

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Call: ACM CSCW 2014 Workshop on Collaboration and Coordination in the Context of Informal Care (CCCiC 2014)

ACM CSCW 2014 Workshop on Collaboration and Coordination in the Context of Informal Care (CCCiC 2014)
February 15, 2014, Baltimore, Maryland (USA)

CCCiC 2014 is a workshop at the ACM Conference on Computer Supported Cooperative Work and Social Computing. It seeks contributions on issues of design and development of systems to support coordination, communication, and collaboration between informal caregivers, their friends, family members, and health professionals, such as: Read more on Call: ACM CSCW 2014 Workshop on Collaboration and Coordination in the Context of Informal Care (CCCiC 2014)…

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Sexualized avatars affect the real world, Stanford researchers find

[From Stanford News]

Sexualized and nonsexualized avatars

[Image: Participants in an experiment in Stanford’s Virtual Human Interaction Lab used female avatars in sexualized or non-sexualized dress. Courtesy of Jeremy Bailenson]

Sexualized avatars affect the real world, Stanford researchers find

A Stanford study shows that after women wear sexualized avatars in a virtual reality world, they feel objectified and are more likely to accept rape myths in the real world. The research could have implications for the role of female characters in video games.

By Cynthia McKelvey
Stanford Report, October 10, 2013

Researchers at Stanford’s Virtual Human Interaction Lab are delving into questions posed by sexualized depictions of women in video games.

Specifically, do female players who use provocatively dressed avatars begin to see themselves more as objects and less as human beings? Jeremy Bailenson, the director of the Virtual Human Interaction Lab at Stanford, has found a way to use virtual reality to answer that question.

This and other issues take on real-world significance as the numbers of female video game players rise despite the industry’s general lack of relatable female characters and as  notoriously violent video games (such as the popular Rockstar Games series, Grand Theft Auto V) continue their rise in popularity.

“We often talk about video game violence and how it affects people who play violent video games,” Bailenson said. “I think it’s equally important to think about sexualization.” Read more on Sexualized avatars affect the real world, Stanford researchers find…

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Call: Electronic Visualisation and the Arts (EVA) London 2014


Tuesday 8th July – Thursday 10th July 2014
Venue: British Computer Society, Covent Garden, London WC2E 7HA

Deadline: 10th January 2014


Offers of papers, demonstrations, panel sessions and workshops by 10th January 2014

We are looking for varied session types. We invite proposals for papers, demonstrations, short performances, workshops or panel discussions. We especially invite presentations on topical subjects, and the newest and cutting edge technologies and applications for the 2014 conference themes. Demonstrations are as welcome as are more formally presented papers. Read more on Call: Electronic Visualisation and the Arts (EVA) London 2014…

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The OPHONE transmits virtual coffee

[From The Next Web, where the post includes more pictures]

OPHONE virtual coffee

Wake up and smell the virtual coffee: The OPHONE will take your breath away

By Paul Sawers, Thursday, 17 Oct ’13

You’re well-versed in virtual pets, virtual reality and many other virtual variants of physical entities. But what about virtual coffee? Yes, this is a ‘thing’, it seems.

The Next Web is at Wired 2013 today in London, where David Edwards, a professor in Biomedical Engineering at Harvard University and founder of Le Labatoire, was on hand to give a glimpse into the future of your favorite caffeinated beverage.

Le Laboratoire is a contemporary art and design center in Paris, where creatives experiment “at frontiers of science”, and out of this has come a virtual coffee bar serving up a series of bean-based experiments involving beakers and burning, vapors and tubes.

They’re chiefly sensory-based – while you will get a mild hit of caffeine from inhaling the various vapors, they won’t give you the full coffee experience. “It’s much more of a ‘head’ experience,” explains Edwards.

But one of these experiments really caught our attention, which is called ‘the OPHONE’ (not to be confused with OPhone), a little Bluetooth-enabled cylindrical device that emits aromas based on messages sent from a mobile phone. Read more on The OPHONE transmits virtual coffee…

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Call: LUDO 2014 – Game Audio Conference

LUDO 2014 – Game Audio Conference

April 10th – 12th 2014
University of Chichester, UK

The Ludomusicology research group is pleased to announce the third annual conference on video game sound and music, featuring:

Read more on Call: LUDO 2014 – Game Audio Conference…

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How to attend RoboBusiness conference as a robot

[From IEEE Spectrum’s Automaton blog; we’ve often noted the irony of flying around the world to meet to discuss telepresence technologies that allow people to not have to fly around the world to meet; how long before we’ll do this for ISPR conferences?!]

Beam robot at conference

[Image: A Beam remote presence robot at a conference.]

How to Attend Next Week’s RoboBusiness Conference as a Robot

By Erin Rapacki
Posted 18 Oct 2013

This is a guest post. The views expressed here are solely those of the author and do not represent positions of IEEE Spectrum or the IEEE.

If you were hoping to attend the RoboBusiness conference but had your travel plans disrupted by the U.S. government shutdown, here’s some good news: You can attend via robot. Read more on How to attend RoboBusiness conference as a robot…

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Call: 2nd Global Conference: Transmedia: Storytelling and Beyond

2nd Global Conference: Transmedia: Storytelling and Beyond

Wednesday 14th May – Friday 16th May 2014
Lisbon, Portugal

Call for Presentations:

The Global Research Project on Transmedia was launched in Sydney, Australia in January 2013 with a programme that brought together researchers, educators, industry practitioners and other stakeholders across the professional and disciplinary spectrum. (The programme is available online at Discussions highlighted critical issues concerning techniques for user engagement; research, pedagogy and curriculum design; and evaluative techniques for complex and dynamic user engagement. The conversations highlighted the diversity of transmedia projects and fostered a greater appreciation of the ways in which alternative reality gaming, narrative and non-narrative multiplatform productions and social media projects fall under the transmedia rubric. For our follow up event in Lisbon, Portugal we welcome proposals for presentations, panels and interactive workshops that continue the dialogue by attending to themes that include:

Innovation in Transmedia Design and Production

  • Aesthetics and creativity in production designs and trends
  • Technologies of platform production
  • Social networking trends and their impact on transmedia development
  • Narrative development models and the mechanics of transmedia storytelling: emergent forms, formats, practices
  • Non-narrative transmedia models
  • Case studies


  • Research methods for studying transmedia
  • Institutional acceptance of transmedia in the curriculum
  • Different disciplinary approaches to transmedia
  • Teaching transmedia
  • Teaching with transmedia
  • Training future transmedia producers (i.e. pedagogies for writing, design, platform management)
  • Case studies

Transmedia Audiences/Users

  • Defining and valuing modes of audience/user engagement: dwell time, sharing, user-generated content, and beyond
  • Convergence, fragmentation and participatory culture
  • Understanding the relationship between ‘producer’ and ‘user’
  • Studies of transmedia audiences, especially in cross-cultural contexts
  • Uses and limitations of web analytics

Industry Performance, Funding and Sustainability

  • Interdisciplinary approaches to identifying opportunities for a range of project scopes and levels of production from grassroots to global industry (self-funding, crowdfunding, arts organisations, broadcaset, global PR, etc.)
  • Transmedia production business models, particularly strategies that take transmedia seriously as performance rather than as marketing offshoot
  • Cultural policy as a means of promoting innovation and industry sustainability
  • Case studies

The project Steering Group invites proposals for presentations, interactive workshops, screenings, installations, reports on research, and pre-constituted, theme-driven panels. We are particularly interested in breaking the pattern of academic conferences by welcoming non-academic participants, especially industry professionals, and by encouraging non-traditional approaches to presentations. Read more on Call: 2nd Global Conference: Transmedia: Storytelling and Beyond…

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Too-realistic Halloween tableau frightens neighbors, prompts 911 call

[From the Washington Post via AP]

Frightening Halloween display

Halloween display depicting fatalities at Oklahoma home frightens neighbors, prompts 911 call

Associated Press
Oct 17, 2013

MUSTANG, Okla. (AP) — One man lies on his stomach on the driveway. Blood is splattered along the garage door that smashed his head and presumably killed him. Another man lies a few feet away, run over by a truck.

The scene in a middle-class Oklahoma neighborhood made of single-story homes and well-manicured lawns seems out of a horror story because, well, it is. The two accident victims are in fact dummies, created as part of a family’s vivid Halloween display to shock and frighten.

And it certainly has. At least one woman has called 911 to report that a man’s head had been shut into the garage door. Emergency personnel who responded discovered a dummy. Read more on Too-realistic Halloween tableau frightens neighbors, prompts 911 call…

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