1st Annual International Workshop on Presence
June 10-11, 1998
Ipswich, UK

[ PROCEEDINGS ISBN 90-386-1571-X ]

PRESENCE 1998, a workshop on Presence in Shared Virtual Environments, took place at BT Labs in Ipswich, UK June 10-11, 1998.

Below is a list of the papers and presentations from the conference, in alphabetical order by author name, with links to Adobe Acrobat (.pdf) files containing each paper.

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Coupling real and virtual environments
Karl-Petter Åkesson & Fredrik Ljungberg

Behavioural Realism as a Metric of Presence
Jonathan Freeman, S.E Avons, Don Pearson, David Harrison & Nick Lodge

Measuring Temporal Variations in Presence
W.A. IJsselsteijn & H. de Ridder

Peer Collaboration and Virtual Environments: A Preliminary Investigation of Multi-Participant Virtual Reality Applied in Science Education
Randy Jackson, Wayne Taylor & William Winn

VRSART A Tool for Evaluation of Contributory Factors Associated with Presence in Spatially Immersive Environments
Roy Kalawsky

Collaborative Decision-Making and Presence in Shared Dynamic Virtual Environments
Daniela M. Romano, Paul Brna & John A. Self

A General Theory on Presence
Stefan Thie & Jacoliene van Wijk

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