About presence

What is presence?

Presence, short for telepresence, happens when people use technology and overlook at least part of its role in the experience:

A telepresence conferencing system makes us feel as if we’re face-to-face; an online virtual world seems real; a 3D IMAX film makes us reach out to touch objects on the screen; we get ‘lost’ in the worlds of novels, TV shows, movies, videogames and theme park rides; doctors, engineers, explorers and many others operate machinery thousands of miles away as if they were at the remote site; students learn about the world and workers learn how to do their jobs using compelling simulations; we think of and interact with computers, agents, avatars, robots and androids as if they were living social entities even though we know they’re not; we’re delighted by perceptual illusions in everything from ancient Trompe-l’œil paintings to modern digital art. As we expand technology’s capabilities and applications, we’re having ever more, and ever more compelling, presence experiences.

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