10th Annual International Workshop on Presence
October 25-27, 2007
Barcelona, Spain

[ PROCEEDINGS ISBN: 978-0-9792217-1-2 ]

PRESPRESENCE 2007 took place at The Foment de les Arts Decoratives (FAD) in Barcelona, Spain October 25-27, 2007. The conference was organized by ISPR in collaboration with host Starlab and PEACH.

Below is a list of the papers and presentations from the conference, in alphabetical order by author name, with links to Adobe Acrobat (.pdf) files containing each paper.

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Construct Validation of the Concepts Social Presence, Emotional Presence and Connectedness and an Application of Zajonc’s Social Facilitation Theory to Social Presence Research
Mariek Vanden Abeele, Keith Roe, Mario Pandelaere

Effects of Simulated Gaze on Social Presence, Person Perception and Personality Attribution in Avatar-Mediated Communication
Gary Bente, Felix Eschenburg and Lisa Aelker

The eXperience Induction Machine and its Role in the Research on Presence
Ulysses Bernardet, Sergi Bermúdez i Badia, and Paul Verschure

Longitudinal Effects on Presence: Suspension of Disbelief or Distrust of Naive Belief?
Edwin Blake, David Nunez and Bertus Labuschagne

Presence and the Bond Between Patients and their Psychotherapists in the Cognitive-Behavior Therapy of Panic Disorder with Agoraphobia Delivered in Videoconference
Stéphane Bouchard, Geneviève Robillard, André Marchand, Patrice Renaud and Giuseppe Riva

It is REALLY a Smaller (and Smaller) World: Presence and Small Screens
Cheryl Campanella Bracken and Gary Pettey

Neural Correlates of Imagery Induced by the Ambient Sound
Akiko Callan and Hiroshi Ando

Physiological Responses during Performance within a Virtual Scenario for the Rehabilitation of Motor Deficits
Mónica Cameirão, Sergi Bermúdez i Badia, Kumar Mayank, Christoph Guger and Paul Verschure

Common Frame of Reference in Collaborative Virtual Environments and their Impact on Presence
Amine Chellali, Cedric dumas, Isabelle MilleVille, and Erci Nouri

Constraints for Realistic Hand Manipulation
Salvador Cobos, Manuel Ferre, Javier Ortego, and M. A. Sanchéz Urán

Digital Games as Social Presence Technology: Development of the Social Presence in Gaming Questionnaire (SPGQ)
Yvonne de Kort, Wijnand IJsselsteijn, and Karolien Poels

Investigating the Effectiveness of a Telepresence-Enabled Cognitive Apprenticeship Model of Teacher Professional Development
R. Shawn Edmondson

Effects of Virtual Reality Immersion in Individuals with Central Nervous System Injury
S. Flynn, S. Copar, N. Ghate, M. Harris, P. Palma and A. Bender

Telepresence Based On Remote Real Time Control of A Robot with Brain Waves
R. Grave De Peralta, Q. Noirhomme, J. Philips, G. Vanacker, M. Nuttin, and S. Gonzalez Andino

Perception of Multimodal Feedback Inconsistency in an Interactive Tracking Task
Raphaela Groten, Jens Hölldampf, Zheng Wang, and Martin Buss

Self-Attribution and Telepresence
Antal Haans and Wijnand IJsselsteijn

The Effect of Task and Ownership on Time Estimation in Virtual Environments
Karin Hägni, Kynan Eng, Marie-Claude Hepp-Reymond, Lisa Holper, Birgit Keisker, Ewa Siekierka and Daniel C. Kiper

Infinite Infants & Telematic Playspaces: Presence and Pretense
Katina Hazelden

Presence as External Versus Internal Experience: How Form, User, Style, and Content Factors Produce Presence from the Inside
Matthew Jones

Presence and Emotion in Computer Game Players during 1st Person vs. 3rd Person Playing View: Evidence from Self-Report, Eye-Tracking, and Facial Muscle Activity Data
Kari Kallinen, Mikko Salminen, Niklas Ravaja, Ryszard Kedzior and Maria Sääksjärvi

A Presence Measure for Virtual Reality and Telepresence Based on Multimodal Conflicts
Martin Kuschel, Franziska Freyberger, Martin Buss, and Berthold Färber

Presence Predicts False Memories of Virtual Environment Content
Bertus Labuschagne, David Nunez and Edwin Blake

Story Worlds and Virtual Environments: Learning from Oral Storytelling
Ilda Ladeira and David Nunez

When What You Hear is What You See: Presence and Auditory-Visual Integration in Virtual Environments
Pontus Larsson, Daniel Västfjäll, Pierre Olsson, and Mendel Kleiner

Effects of Networked Interactivity in Educational Games: Mediating Effects of Social Presence
Kwan Min Lee, Eui Jun Jeong, Namkee Park, and Seoungho Ryu

Interactive Sonification of the Spatial Behavior of Human and Synthetic Characters in a Mixed-Reality Environment
Sylvain Le Groux, Jonatas Manzolli and Paul Verschure

Detecting Attention through Telepresence
Stefano Levialdi, Alessio Malizia, Teresa Onorati, Enver Sangineto, Nicu Sebe

Are You There? Active Attention for Person Tracking in Mixed Reality Environments
Zenon Mathews, Sergi Bermúdez i Badia, and Paul Verschure

Considering the Role of Presence in the Conceptual Design of Interior Architectural Environments
Marisha McAuliffe

Presence and the Design of Trust
Caroline Nevejan

Realism vs. Reality: Creating Virtual Reconstructions of Architectural Artifacts
Slawomir Nikiel

Effects of Non-Diegetic Information on Presence: A Content Manipulation Experiment
David Nunez

A Subjective Touch to Presence: Haptic Performance, Emotions and Subjective Significance
Einat Ofek and Miriam Reiner

A Data-Glove with Vibro-Tactile Stimulators for Virtual Social Interaction and Rehabilitation
Silvia Pabon, Edoardo Sotgiu, Rosario Leonardi, Cristina Brancolini, Otniel Portillo-Rodriguez, Antonio Frisoli, Massimo Bergamasco

A Preliminary Study of Shy Males Interacting with a Virtual Female
Xueni Pan and Mel Slater

Feeling Crowded? Exploring Presence in Virtual Crowds
Nuria Pelechano, Catherine R. Stocker, and Norman I. Badler

Multitasking, Presence & Self-Presence on the Wii
Rabindra Ratan, Michael Santa Cruz, and Peter Vorderer

The Ethical and Societal Implications of Presence from a Distance
Pericle Salvani

Consciousness of the Self and the Body and Presence Studies
Maria V Sanchez-Vives and Mel Slater

Virtual Environments and Other Media for Being There Together: Towards a Convergence of Technologies, Uses, and Research Agendas
Ralph Schroeder

Visual Experience of 3D-TV with Pixelated Ambilight
Pieter Seuntiens, Ingrid Vogels, and Arnold van Keersop

The Making of a Presence Experiment: Responses to Virtual Fire
Bernhard Spanlang, Torsten Fröhlich, Vanessa F. Descalzo, Angus Antley and Mel Slater

Individual Differences in Virtual Environments. An Experimental Research on Emotions, Behaviour and Sense of Presence in Second Life
Maria Grazia Strepparava, Marco Omar Harb, Selena Russo, Federico Zorzi, Alessandro Rizzi

Whole-Body Vibration Influences Sound Localization in the Median Plane
Ana Tajadura-Jiménez, Aleksander Väljamäe, Norimichi Kitagawa, and Hsin-Ni Ho

A Critical Examination of Presence Applied to Cultural Heritage
Laia Pujol Tost and Erik Malcolm Champion

The Intentional Basis of Presence
Phil Turner

Listening, Corporeality and Presence
Phil Turner, Susan Turner and Iain McGregor

Quality in Qualitative Methods
Susan Turner and Phil Turner

Influence of Exocentric Avatars on the Sensation of Presence in Room-mounted Virtual Environments
Jakob Valvoda, Torsten Kuhlen and Christian Bischof

An MRI Compatibility Study of a Fabric Sensing Glove for Sensory-Motor Brain Activity Exploration
Nicola Vanello, Valentina Hartwig, Mario Tesconi, Giuseppe Zupone, Nicola Sgambelluri, Alessandro Tognetti, Emiliano Ricciardi, Enzo P. Scilingo, A. Bicchi, P. Pietrini, D. De Rossi and L. Landini

Perception of Facial Emotion in Video Clips for Supporting Connected Presence
Jeremy Thorne

Interactive Mixed Reality Narrative in the Experience Induction Machine
Paul Verschure, Anna Mura, Carmen Platero, and Narcis Pares

Design and Performance of a Haptic Data Acquisition Glove
Zheng Wang, Jens Hoelldampf, and Martin Buss

Presence vs. Flow in the Context of Computer Games
David Weibel, Bartholomäus Wissmath, and Rudolf Groner

Delivering Environmental Presence through Procedural Virtual Environments
Lukas Zimmerli and Paul Verschure

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