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IMMERSION Forum & Showcase, Party & Awards!

May 24, 2010, London, UK: IMMERSION is the leading international Forum & Showcase, focused on the business of games and immersive & social media. Ground-breaking sessions, leading strategy, world-beating developers and commissioners, exclusive networking. Virtual goods, micro-transactions, iphone, funding .. just some of the topics.… read more. “Call: IMMERSION Forum”

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Augmented-reality floor tiling

[From MIT’s Technology Review Editors blog; the story includes a 1 minute video]


 Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Augmented-Reality Floor Tiling

Take a walk on a floor that gives tactile, audio and visual feedback.

By Kristina Grifantini

Researchers at McGill University in Montreal, Canada have developed floor tiles that can simulate the look, sound and feel of snow, grass or pebbles underfoot. Such a tool could perhaps be used for augmented reality applications, tele-presence, training, rehabilitation or even as virtual foot controllers.

The modular “haptic” floor tiling system is made up of a deformable plate suspended on a platform. Between the plate and platform are sensors that detect forces from the user’s foot. And the plate can give off vibrations that mimic the feeling of stepping on different materials. A top-down projection and speakers add visual and audio feedback.… read more. “Augmented-reality floor tiling”

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Call: Heritage Inquiries: A Designerly Approach to Human Values workshop

Call for Participation: “Heritage Inquiries: A Designerly Approach to Human Values”

August 16-17, 2010
Aarhus, Denmark

An ACM DIS 2010 workshop



This two-day workshop will bring together the interdisciplinary community of scholars and practitioners involved in the design of interactive systems and sharing a common interest in heritage matters.… read more. “Call: Heritage Inquiries: A Designerly Approach to Human Values workshop”

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Men show off to impress women even in virtual setting

[From LiveScience]


Men Show Off to Impress Women Even in Virtual Setting

By Charles Q. Choi, LiveScience Contributor
posted: 27 April 2010

Even in virtual-reality settings, men will take risks to impress the opposite sex.

Past research found that males take more risks when someone is watching. However, it was uncertain whether this showing off was aimed more at other males or females. For instance, male pedestrians are more likely to cross busy roads if females are watching, but male drivers are less likely to wear seatbelts if male passengers are present.

“Risk-taking is a significant cause of vandalism, injury, and even death — as such, risk-taking affects not only the risk taker, but also other people,” said experimental psychologist Willem Frankenhuis at the University of California at Los Angeles. “For this reason, understanding male risk-taking has practical implications — for example, prevention of drunk driving.”… read more. “Men show off to impress women even in virtual setting”

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Call: Journal of CyberTherapy & Rehabilitation (JCR)

Dear colleagues:

The Journal of CyberTherapy & Rehabilitation (JCR) is a quarterly, peer-reviewed, scientific journal that explores the uses of advanced technologies for therapy, training, education, prevention, and rehabilitation and is currently indexed with PsycINFO, Gale and EBSCO. Led by an internationally renowned editorial board consisting of top clinicians, academicians, and researchers, JCR welcomes your manuscript submissions for publication in its future issues. To review previous issues, please visit our website at… read more. “Call: Journal of CyberTherapy & Rehabilitation (JCR)”

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Future of Free Time Report: How travel industries must adapt to a generation turning to mediated leisure

[From netimperative (“Intelligence for Digital Business”); a summary of the report (in anAcrobat .pdf file) is available here]


Report: Are virtual holidays going to replace real ones?

A generation of ‘Go-Nowhere Gamers’ could turn their back on out-of-home leisure in favour of gaming, social networking, and ‘always on’ media unless the travel industry responds to their needs, says a report commissioned by

Apr 26, 2010

The Future of Free Time report, produced by the online travel and leisure retailer in association with think-tank Future Foundation, looks at how travel and free time will change over the next five to 20 years, and says that the travel industry must cater for an increasingly connected generation.… read more. “Future of Free Time Report: How travel industries must adapt to a generation turning to mediated leisure”

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Call: FutureEverything Conference

FutureEverything Conference, 12-15 May 2010

The FutureEverything conference for 2010 is our best and most ambitious yet. We are also delighted to present the world’s best speakers under our conference themes of ImagineEverything, Unlimited Connectivity, Open Data and The City Experiment. 12-15 May 2010 Manchester England

The FutureEverything conference will take you on a journey through the most cutting-edge developments in a range of exciting fields. Join us to hear about why governments should open up the data that they hold, and what we can do with this information to change our lives. Listen to leading artists and scientists discuss what we can dream and do with unlimited bandwidth. Visionary speakers will illuminate the science of the web, the ways the networked city is being rewired, how poetry can be encoded into DNA, ways we can play the city like an instrument, and how relationships between generations are going to change over the next hundred years.… read more. “Call: FutureEverything Conference”

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Using virtual reality to make nuclear reality safer

[From National Public Radio (NPR); the online story includes an audio version]

Using Virtual Reality To Make Nuclear Reality Safer

by Mike Shuster
April 26, 2010

At Los Alamos National Laboratory in New Mexico — home of the first American atomic bomb — scientists are using video-game technology to enhance training for the inspectors who monitor civilian nuclear activities around the world.

The goal is to use virtual models of nuclear facilities to provide much more realistic training — an effort to revolutionize global efforts to prevent the spread of nuclear weapons.… read more. “Using virtual reality to make nuclear reality safer”

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Call: 11th Consciousness International Reframed conference: ‘MAKING REALITY REALLY REAL’

4-6 NOVEMBER 2010: 

The 11th Consciousness International Reframed conference ‘MAKING REALITY REALLY REAL’

In cooperation with the Planetary Collegium, University of Plymouth, England, TEKS – Trondheim Electronic Arts Centre, Trondheim, Norway, is hosting the 11th Consciousness Reframed International Research Conference, with the title of ‘MAKING REALITY REALLY REAL’. The conference will be part of Norway’s new biennial for art and technology, Meta.Morf, that takes place in Trondheim from October 7 to November 7, 2010.

The Consciousness Reframed conference series was founded by Roy Ascott at the University of Wales in 1997. Consciousness Reframed is a forum for trans-disciplinary inquiry into art, science, technology, design and consciousness, drawing upon the expertise and insights of artists, designers, architects, performers, musicians, writers, scientists, and scholars, usually from at least 20 countries.… read more. “Call: 11th Consciousness International Reframed conference: ‘MAKING REALITY REALLY REAL’”

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Picture the possibilities with 3D Lego animations

[From Crave (“The Gadget Blog from CNET”); a 1:17 minute video is here]

April 23, 2010

Picture the possibilities with 3D Lego animations

by Tim Hornyak

Having trouble picturing what that Lego monster castle/spaceship/robot will look like when assembled? Lego is rolling out augmented-reality store displays that show shoppers, in 3D animation, what a completed kit will look like. The move follows other toy makers bringing AR to action figures and baseball cards. I’m waiting for cereal boxes in my supermarket to start spewing 3D cornflakes.

The Danish toy giant, known for cool stuff like Mindstorms robot kits and wacky apps like the Lego-illustrated Bible, is currently installing the Digital Box (PDF) displays in its stores worldwide.

When customers hold a box up to the display, a screen shows a superimposed animation of the competed kit over the live video.… read more. “Picture the possibilities with 3D Lego animations”

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