4th Annual International Workshop on Presence
May 21-23, 2001
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA

PRESENCE 2001 took place at Temple University in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania in the United States, May 21-23, 2001.

Below is a list of the papers and presentations from the conference, in alphabetical order by author name, with links to Adobe Acrobat (.pdf) files containing each paper.

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The Importance of Identification To A Sense Of Presence
Michael D. Basil
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Criteria And Scope Conditions For A Theory And Measure Of Social Presence
Frank Biocca, Judee Burgoon, Chad Harms, and Matt Stoner

The Networked Minds Measure of Social Presence: Pilot Test of the Factor Structure and Concurrent Validity
Frank Biocca, Chad Harms, and Jenn Gregg

Understanding The Role Of Mapping In Commercial Web Sites
James R. Coyle, Rob Ducoffe, and Reetika Gupta

Presence: Is Your Heart In It?
Cath Dillon, Edmund Keogh, Jonathan Freeman, and Jules Davidoff

The Meaning of the Distance: Internet2 Performance Workshop
Sarah Drury

Interfaces for Navigation and Familiarity Training
Michael Eckmann, Li Yu, Terrance E. Boult, and G. Drew Kessler

Cyclopean Vision, Size Estimation and Presence in Orthostereoscopic Images
Bernard Harper and Richard Latto
Reflections on Real Presence by a Virtual Person
Carrie Heeter

Effects of Presence on Spatial Perception in Virtual Environments
Jan Hofmann, Thomas J. Jäger, Thorben Deffke, and Heiner Bubb

Duration Estimation and Presence
Wijnand IJsselsteijn, Ilse Bierhoff, and Yvonne Slangen-de Kort

Essay About Telepresence Effects On Persuasion: Three Possible Explanations
Anne-Cécile Jeandrain
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The Role of Telepresence in Exploratory Consumer Behavior
Anne-Cécile Jeandrain
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Tuning of the Level of Presence (LOP)
Wooyoung Shim and Gerard Jounghyun Kim

Media Psychology ‘Is Not Yet There’: Introducing Theories on the Reception of Entertaining Media to the Presence Debate
Christoph Klimmt and Peter Vorderer

Social-Psychological Origins of Feelings of Presence: Creating Social Presence with Machine-Generated Voices
Kwan Min Lee and Clifford Nass

Really Hear? The Effects Of Audio Quality On Presence
Jane Lessiter and Jonathan Freeman
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Virtual Team Interactions in Networked Multimedia Games: Case: “Counter-Strike” – Multi-player 3D Action Game
Tony Manninen

Presence as Experience: Framework to Assess Virtual Corpsing
Tim Marsh

Physiological Measures of Presence in Virtual Environments
Michael Meehan, Brent Insko, Mary Whitton, and Dr. Frederick P. Brooks, Jr.

Defining and Differentiating Copresence, Social Presence and Presence as Transportation
Kristine Nowak

Understanding The Influence of Agency and Anthropomorphism on Copresence, Social Presence and Physical Presence With Virtual Humans [as published]
Kristine Nowak

Operationalizing Mediated Presence: Initial Steps toward a Measure of the Construct
Tracy Callaway Russo

Tele-immersion Portal: Towards an Ultimate Synthesis of Computer Graphics and Computer Vision Systems
Amela Sadagic, Herman Towles, Loring Holden, Kostas Daniilidis and Bob Zeleznik

The Presence Equation: An Investigation Into Cognitive Factors Underlying Presence
Corina Sas and Gregory O’Hare

Virtual Learning: In Search Of A Psychological Model
Melissa Selverian, Ha Sung Hwang, and Cheyene Mason

Virtual Environments As Research Tools For Environmental Psychology: A Study Of The Comparability Of Real And Virtual Environments
Yvonne A.W. Slangen- de Kort, Wijnand A. Ijsselsteijn, Jolien Kooijman, and Yvon Schuurmans

The Illusion of Being Present: Using the Interactive Tent to Create Immersive Experiences
Eva and John Waterworth, Johanna Holmgren, Tomas Rimbark and Rita Lauria

Toward A Taxonomy of Copresence
Shanyang Zhao

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