ISPR 2012

International Society for Presence Research Annual Conference – ISPR 2012

October 24 – 26, 2012
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA

[ PROCEEDINGS ISBN: 978-0-9792217-5-0 ]

ISPR 2012 was hosted by Temple University in Philadelphia, October 24-26, 2012.

Below is a list of the papers and presentations from the conference, in alphabetical order by author name, with links to Adobe Acrobat (.pdf) files containing each paper.

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Can We Identify with a Block? Identification with Non-anthropomorphic Avatars in Virtual Reality Games
Laura Aymerich-Franch

Effects of Facial and Voice Similarity on Presence in a Public Speaking Virtual Environment
Laura Aymerich-Franch, Cody Karutz and Jeremy N. Bailenson

Presence and Memory: Immersive Virtual Reality Effects on Cued Recall
Jakki Bailey, Andrea Stevenson Won, Jeremy Bailenson, June A. Flora and K. Carrie Armel

Is Text Always Superior to Video? Investigating the Impact of Moving Images, Standard Video, and Text on Presence
Sean Bambrick, Robert Whitbred, Paul Skalski and Cheryl Bracken

A Presence Timeline
Darren Bau-Madsen and Matthew Lombard

Exploring Facebook’s Success through Presence
Angela M. Cirucci

How Immersive Is Enough?: A Foundation for a Meta-Analysis of the Effect of Immersive Technology on Measured Presence
James Cummings, Jeremy Bailenson and Mailyn Fidler

Intimate Telepresence: Perpetual Contact and the Channels of Presence in Mobile Communication
Julia Czaja

Getting Into the Meeting-Feeling: An Explorative Analysis of Presence in Videoconferencing
Shirley Elprama, Katriina Kilpi, Aljosha Demeulemeester, An Jacobs and Rik Van de Walle

SECOND TOP PAPER (TIE): Is Virtual Reality Made for Men Only? Exploring Gender Differences in the Sense of Presence
Anna Felnhofer, Oswald D. Kothgassner, Leon Beutl, Helmut Hlavacs and Ilse Kryspin-Exner

Shared Mediated Workspaces
Charlie Gullstrom, Tjerk de Greef, Leif Handberg, Harold Nefs and Peter Parnes

Positive Feedback Messages and the Role of Presence during Exercise Video Game Play
Jihyun Kim and C. Erik Timmerman

What are Telepresence Experiences Like in the Real World? A Qualitative Survey
Matthew Lombard and Lisa Weinstein

Comparing the Effects of Transportation and Central Processing on Current and Future Beneficial Organizational Behaviors
Matt Makowski, Robert Whitbred, Cheryl Campanella Bracken and Paul Skalski

The Effect of Motion on Presence during Virtual Sailing for Advanced Training
Fabian A. Mulder, Jouke C. Verlinden and Radoslaw R. Dukalski

The Role of Post-Production Formal Features in the Prediction of Presence
Kimberly Neuendorf, Paul Skalski, James Denny, Rachel Campbell and Matthew Egizii

Beyond Embodiment and Social Presence: Preferences for Virtual Assistant Gender and Clothing Style
Jeunese Payne, Andrea Szymkowiak, Graham I. Johnson, Paul Robertson and Rosemary Henderson

Evaluating the Importance of Human Realistic Walking Simulation for Creating Realistic Characters
Mei Si

Need for Presence and Other Motivations for Video Game Play across Genres
Paul Skalski, Francis Dalisay, Matthew Kushin and Yung-I Liu

Tracking Gesture to Detect Gender
Andrea Stevenson Won, Le Yu, Joris Janssen and Jeremy Bailenson

TOP PAPER: Panel: Considerations for Social Presence Theory, Research, and Application in the 21st Century
David Westerman, Paul Skalski, Brian Blake, Kimberly Neuendorf, and Stephanie Kelly

SECOND TOP PAPER (TIE): Avatar Self-Identification as a Cognitive Metric of Self-Presence
Andrea Stevenson Won and Jeremy Bailenson

Extending the Computers as Theatre Metaphor: From Presence in the Theatre to Telepresence
Maeva Veerapen

Virtual Presence Technology in Separation and Divorce
Richard Wolman and Richard Pomerance

Executive Interviews:

In the executive interviews below, ISPR President Matthew Lombard discusses important issues related to the Telepresence industry with thought-leaders and technology experts.

Howard S. Lichtman
President, Human Productivity Lab
Publisher: Telepresence Options

David Danto
Director of Emerging Technologies
Interactive Multimedia & Collaborative Communications Alliance

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