9th Annual International Workshop on Presence
August 24-26, 2006
Cleveland, Ohio, USA

[ PROCEEDINGS ISBN: 978-0-9792217-0-5 ]

PRESENCE 2006 took place at Cleveland State University August 24-26, 2006.

Below is a list of the papers and presentations from the conference, in alphabetical order by author name, with links to Adobe Acrobat (.pdf) files containing each paper.

The complete conference proceedings are available in a large (3.8 mb) .pdf file here.

A photo from the event is here.

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An exploration of clinicians’ sense of presence in critical care telemedicine
L. Alem, Susan Hansen, J. Li

The effects of witness viewpoint distance, angle, and choice on eyewitness accuracy in police lineups conducted in immersive virtual environments
J. Bailenson, A. Davies, J. Blascovich, A.C. Beall, C. McCall, R.E. Guadagno

I felt like it happened to me: Television audience perceptions of televised conflict
R. Botta, J. Rudd

Presence and video games: The impact of image quality and skill level
C. Campanella Bracken, P. Skalski

The effects of presence and tactile illusion on consumers’ attitudes and intentions: The mediating role of mental imagery and the moderators’ effects
Y.K. Choi

Does “being there” improve memory: The impact of presence on recall
J. Denny, D. Atkin

“I don’t like William touching my belly”: Gender differences in affective responses to mediated social touch
C. de Nood, A. Haans, and W. IJsselsteijn, Eindhoven

VICC: Virtual Incident Command Center
J. Gyorfi, E. Buhrke, M. Tarlton, J. Lopez, and G. Valliath

Is bigger really better? An experimental study of presence and online political advertising
E. Horowitz

Understanding Instant Messaging: Gratifications and social presence
H.S. Hwang, M. Lombard

Look at or looking out: Exploring monocular cues to create a see-through experience with a virtual window
W. IJsselsteijn, W. Oosting, I. Vogels, Y. de Kort, E. van Loenen

Social presence in virtual teams
G. Jian, J. Amschlinger

A markerless augmented reality system for the treatment of phobia to small animals
M. C. Juan, D. Joele, R. Baños, C. Botella, M. Alcaniz, C. Van der Mast

The effect of static anthropomorphic images on emotion perceptions in mobile-phone communication
S. Kang, J. Watt, K. Isbister

Presence, efficacy, and the Net: Exploring patterns in political participation from a comparative perspective
M. Selcan Kaynak, C. Campanella Bracken

Demonstration: Presence considerations in music production
J. Klotz, M. Lombard

Defining presence
M. Lombard and M.T. Jones

Presence after death
M. Lombard and M.E. Selverian

Relational presence and distanced interdependent relationships
K. Maguire, S. Connaughton

Haptic thermal interface: A new technology for supporting presence in multimodal virtual environments?
C. Nam

Presence in technologically mediated environments: A research framework
C. Nam and S. Johnson

From film to the web: Presence and the medium
K. Neuendorf

Increasing the motion of users in photo-realistic virtual environments by utilising auditory rendering of the environment and ego-motion
R. Nordahl

Examining the relationship between violent video games, presence, and aggression
K. Nowak, M. Krcmar, and K.M. Farrar

Content knowledge and thematic inertia predict virtual presence
D. Nunez and E. Blake

Building tele-presence framework for performing robotic surgical procedures
P. Panfilov, F. Cardullo, H. Lewis III

The effects of fully immersed virtual reality on the learning of physical tasks
K. Patel, J. Bailenson, S. Jung, R. Diankov, R. Bajcsy

Presence: A network of reciprocal relations
P. Salvini

Mapping the way to fun: The effect of video game interfaces on presence and enjoyment
P. Skalski, R.L. Lange, R. Tamborini

What production of presence and mimesis have in common
J. Soffner

When mixing physical presence and telepresence: Analysis of a pilot study
C. Stitzlein, L. Alem

Applying telepresence robot to interpersonal communication: Implications and applications
T.C. Tsai, Y. Hsu

Projecting presence: A mimetic approach to the creation of presence
B. Unterman

Interactive simulation technologies for communication disorders
S. Williams

Walk a mile in digital shoes: The impact of embodied perspective-taking on the reduction of negative stereotyping in immersive virtual environments
N. Yee and J. Bailenson

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