3rd Annual International Workshop on Presence
March 27-28, 2000
Delft, The Netherlands

[ PROCEEDINGS ISBN 90-386-1571-X ]

PRESENCE 2000 took place at Techniek Museum, in Delft, The Netherlands, March 27-28, 2000. It was sponsored by ITC, BT and SONY.

Below is a list of the papers and presentations from the conference, in alphabetical order by author name, with links to Adobe Acrobat (.pdf) files containing each paper.

The program for the conference is available here.

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A Participatory Design Study of User Requirements for a Shared Virtual Meeting Space
James Anderson, Nahella Ashraf, Craig Douther & Mervyn Jack

Cubes in the Cube: A Comparison of a Puzzle-solving Task in a Virtual and a Real Environment
Ann-Sofie Axelsson, Åsa Abelin, Ilona Heldal, Ralph Schroeder & Josef Wideström

Connecting the Body to the Telecommunication System: Embodied Computing and Presence
Frank Biocca (Invited Speaker)

Real Spaces to Create Virtual Presence
Tom Coffin

Realtime View Adaptation of Video Objects in 3-Dimensional Virtual Environments [html]
Edward Cooke, Michael Karl, Peter Kauff & Oliver Schreer

Social Presence in the PhotoShare Tele-Application
Paul de Greef & Wijnand IJsselsteijn

Aroused and Immersed: The Psychophysiology of Presence
Cath Dillon, Ed Keogh, Jonathan Freeman & Jules Davidoff

The Presence Construct: Issues in its Measurement
Jonathan Freeman, Wijnand IJsselsteijn & Jane Lessiter

Presence in Orthostereoscopic Images
Bernie Harper

Towards an Objective Corroborative Measure of Presence: Postural Responses to Moving Video
Wijnand IJsselsteijn, Jonathan Freeman, Huib de Ridder, Steve Avons & Don Pearson

The Validity of Presence as a Reliable Human Performance Metric in Immersive Environments
Roy Kalawsky (Invited Speaker)

Multiple Presence through Auditory Bots in Virtual Environments
Martin Kaltenbrunner & Avon Huxor

Presence for Design: Creating an Atmosphere with Video Collages
Ianus Keller, Pieter Jan Stappers & Jorrit Adriaans

Tina LaPorta

Development of a New Cross-Media Presence Questionnaire: The ITC-Sense of Presence Inventory
Jane Lessiter, Jonathan Freeman, Ed Keogh & Jules Davidoff

What can we Learn from the Cinema of the 1950’s?
Nick Lodge (Invited Speaker)

Measuring Presence: A Literature-Based Approach to the Development of a Standardized Paper-and-Pencil Instrument
Matthew Lombard, Theresa Ditton, Daliza Crane, Bill Davis, Gisela Gil-Egui, Karl Horvath & Jessica Rossman

A User-Centered Methodology for Investigating Presence and Task Performance
Katerina Mania & Alan Chalmers

Maintaining the Illusion of Interacting Within a 3D Virtual Space
Tim Marsh & Peter Wright

An Objective Surrogate for Presence: Physiological Response
Mike Meehan

Transparent Visual Presentation: Image Information and Ambiguity
Faye Oosterhoff & Huib de Ridder

The Virtual Meeting Room: A Realtime Implementation of a Shared Virtual Environment System Using Today’s Consumer Technology in Connection with the MPEG-4 Standard
Stefan Rauthenberg, Peter Kauff & Andreas Graffunder

ACTIVE World: Manipulating Time and Point of View to Promote a Sense of Presence in a Collaborative Virtual Environment for Training in Emergency Situations
Daniela Romano & Paul Brna

Real and Illusory Interaction Enhance Presence in Virtual Environments
Thomas Schubert, Holger Regenbrecht & Frank Friedman

Using a Telescope in the Cave: Presence and Absence in Educational VR
Eva Lindh Waterworth & John A. Waterworth

Vulnerable Viewers of Valid Vistas? Assessing Student Performance when the Perception of Presence is Increased in a Virtual Learning Environment
Denise Whitelock & Anne Jelfs

The Pelvis as Physical Centre in Virtual Environments
Josef Wideström, Pia Muchin & Henrik Ahlberg

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