Presence Picture #12: ‘Virtual Bowie Coupe’ on train to exhibit in Grongen, Netherlands

Virtual Bowie Coupe

“Train passengers take a virtual reality journey through the life of the British pop star David Bowie, which is exhibited in a ‘Virtual Bowie Coupe’ in the train from Zwolle to Groningen/Netherlands/.” The Getty Image is from The Telegraph on this sad day, 9 January 2016. After the virtual journey in the train compartment, the passengers can visit a new exhibition about David Bowie in the Groninger Museum, curated by the Victoria and Albert Museum in London; details from the museum are here.

RTV Oost [translated via Google] has more details, three other images, and a 1:32 minute video and 4:15 radio report (in Dutch).

The image below and a 1:53 minute video with excerpts of the virtual reality content can be found on the deStentor website.

Virtual Bowie Coupe

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–Matthew Lombard


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  1. Ali Alajmi

    Virtual reality is already here and the VR devices are widely used in gaming and other movies. The idea to give passengers VR devices during the journey can be very much useful. As the article says, the passengers in the train took a virtual journey of the British star David Bowie, similar, entertainment movies and other content can be given to passengers in train and even in planes where people are travelling for a long journey. The main aim of giving the virtual tour to train passengers was, they could visit the new exhibition about the artist in Groniger Museum. This can be a good idea that people take a virtual tour of a place through VR and then visit it physically.

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