Jobs: PhD studentships in IGGI (Intelligent Games, Game Intelligence) at Goldsmiths, Essex and York

PhD Studentships at IGGI (Intelligent Games, Game Intelligence) at Goldsmiths, Essex and York

Full details:

The network (which includes Goldsmiths, Essex and York and is supported by UK’s EPSRC) focuses on R&D linking computer games with A.I.

At Goldsmiths, Presence research that relates to games includes:

  • movement computing (in relation to gestures, dance, sports, robotics, creative activities (art, music))
  • machine and deep learning: e.g. for the management and design of graphical assets
  • procedural genesis (e.g. of cities, characters, behaviours)
  • scientific visualisation, gamification and crowd sourcing.

Deadline to apply (up to 4 positions available at Goldsmiths, and similarly at York, Essex):
end of January.

Scholarships support fees and living wage for UK citizens and residents.
Other EU and abroad candidates may receive a fee waiver.

PhD program includes a pair of internships in industry (games or AI related).

List of supervisors (and their favoured research topics):

Applicants will need to upload a good CV, a research proposal, references and other details.

If interested, get in touch ASAP.

Prof. Frederic Fol Leymarie
Goldsmiths, Computing

More information:


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