Call: Inner Movement – The Motor Dimension of Imagination (conference in Belgium)

Call for papers

Inner movement – the motor dimension of imagination

1-3 December 2011
Faculty of Fine Arts, University College Ghent, Belgium

This conference explores the role of the moving and gesturing body in the imaginative perception of works of art. Bodily resonance with the way a work of art is or has been created or performed is an essential part of much of our aesthetic experience and appreciation. This kind of ‘inner movement’ is part of our experience of a whole range of works of art, from an implicit tracing of the draftsman’s hand in drawings to an embodied listening in audiovisual works or an explicit feeling of co-embodiment in dance or theatre performances. The notion of ‘inner movement’ refers not to the representation of movement in works of art, but to the constitutive and creative dimension of the motor body in the perception of works of art, and more generally, to the motor dimension of imagination.

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We welcome contributions by artistic and/or theoretical researchers in the areas of visual and audiovisual arts or in performance arts. Abstracts of lectures or of demonstrations of 300 words can be sent to Please use word-format (doc or docx) and mention title, author(s), affiliation and email address.

Papers or demonstrations should be suitable for a 20-minute presentation in English. Visual and audiovisual presentations (screening or sound) are possible. The deadline for submissions is the 1st of September 2011.

Confirmed speakers and studio discussions

Plenary speakers:

David Rosandinfo
Department of Art History and Archeology, Columbia University, New York

Dorothée Legrandinfo
CREA – Centre de Recherche en Epistémologie Appliquée, Paris

Don Ihdeinfo
Philosophy Department, Stony Brook University, New York

Martine Huvenne
Faculty of Fine Arts, University College Ghent

Daniel Deshaysinfo
ENSATT – Ecole Nationale des Arts et Techniques du Théâtre , Lyon, & ENSB-A  – Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Beaux-Arts, Paris

Helena De Preesterinfo
Faculty of Fine Arts, University College Ghent & Department of Philosophy and Moral Science, Ghent University

Studio discussions:

Elias Grootaers documentary filmmakerinfo
Jerry Galle media artistinfo
Jan Steen actor – director info
Ludwig Vandevelde sculptorinfo

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