Samsung telepresence booths to change the future of shopping?

[From Ubergizmo; more information and pictures at Engadget and the Telepresence Tech web site]

Samsung telepresence booths to change the future of shopping?

By George Wong 03/24/2011

At the Samsung Mobilization event today, Samsung unveiled their new 3D communication kiosk that makes use of TelePresence Technology. It renders 2D images that float and rotate in space, allowing users to see every angle of a product they are interested in. If you’ve always felt cheated by products you purchased online because of how they end up on your doorstep not looking like the photographs, these kiosks should be right up your alley. In addition to being able to show you products, the screen can project customer service representatives to answer your questions and help you with your purchases. With machines costing less to maintain than the salaries of human workers, these booths could spell the end of human-manned stores in the future.

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