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Call: The Image Conference 2010

The Image Conference 2010

The 2010 International Conference on the Image will be held at the University of California in Los Angeles, USA from 2-3 December 2010.

We invite prospective participants to submit a presentation proposal for one of the following parallel session options: a 30-minute paper; a 60-minute workshop; a jointly presented 90-minute colloquium session; or a virtual session. We also encourage innovative presentation formats, such as roundtables, staged dialogues, screenings and performances. Parallel sessions are loosely grouped into streams reflecting different perspectives or disciplines. Each stream forms a talking circle, an informal forum for focused discussion of issues and conference themes.

This conference is a means by which to interrogate the nature and functions of image-making and images. The conference is a cross-disciplinary forum bringing together researchers, teachers and practitioners from areas of interest including: architecture, art, cognitive science, communications, computer science, cultural studies, design, education, film studies, history, linguistics, management, marketing, media studies, museum studies, philosophy, photography, psychology, religious studies, semiotics, and more.… read more. “Call: The Image Conference 2010”

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Gaspar Noe’s “Enter the Void” makes you the main character

[From The Montreal Mirror; the film’s impressive UK web site is here]

COVER: Eyes wide open

Gaspar Noé on Enter the Void, his neon-coloured psychosexual journey through Tokyo and the afterlife.

by Mark Slutsky
October 14, 2010

A lot of movies put you in the lead characters’ shoes. But few directors have the audacity to do what Gaspar Noé set out to accomplish with his new film, Enter the Void. This is a movie that basically makes you, the viewer, the main character. For the first half-hour or so, the protagonist Oscar (played—kinda—by Nathaniel Brown) is seen entirely from behind, from a van­tage point floating somewhere behind his head. (The only time you see his face is when he passes a mirror.)

Oscar is a party kid living in Tokyo. He lives in a small apartment, dabbles in some light drug dealing on the side and hangs out with his slightly crazy, foxy sister Linda (Paz de la Huerta).… read more. “Gaspar Noe’s “Enter the Void” makes you the main character”

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Call: Electronic Visualisation and the Arts (EVA London 2011)

EVA London 2011
Wednesday 6th – Friday 8th July 2011


We invite proposals for papers, demonstrations or short performances, workshops or panel discussions. A brief summary only is required for the selection process.

We require the summary proposal on not more than one page. The title, authors’ name, affiliation and contact details including email address must be shown at the top of the page. This should be submitted electronically to, an automated online submission system. You will be asked to create an account with the system before uploading your summary.

In case of problems, please email

Deadline for proposals

5.00pm 15th January 2011

Subject coverage

EVA London is celebrated for its wide variety of topics, its cross-displinary approaches and presentations of cutting edge technologies. Within the overall theme of electronic visualisation, it addresses both current practice and historic research.… read more. “Call: Electronic Visualisation and the Arts (EVA London 2011)”

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3D facades: Window shopping in the lie street

[From the UK’s Daily Mail]

Window shopping in the lie street: 3D facades in high street hide dozens of empty shops

By Daily Mail Reporter
Last updated at 12:00 PM on 12th October 2010

Shoppers are getting a vision of the future in one town – and are walking in a  ‘virtual’ world.

Fake facades have been put up in 18 shops in Redcar’s high street – along with one ‘virtual’ house.

Shops such as the British Heart Foundation, Greggs, KFC and menswear store Greenwoods have been joined by the simulations, which aim to attract business investment to the area.

The images disguise parts of the street, giving the impression units are occupied, which otherwise would be riddled with boards and shutters.

There is a virtual restaurant, cafe, furniture, bookshop, gift shop, two fashion stores, electrical goods and accessories shop to fill the gaps as the recession continues to bite.… read more. “3D facades: Window shopping in the lie street”

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Job: Professor/Chair of Human Media Interaction at University of Twente

The Computer Science department, Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Mathematics and Computer Science, University of Twente, The Netherlands has a vacancy for

Full Professor and Chair of Human Media Interaction

The Human Media Interaction (HMI) group at the University of Twente performs research in the areas of natural interaction and intelligent environments: Natural interaction research includes human-computer interaction, multimedia processing, dialogue modeling, multimodal interaction, and brain-computer interfacing. Intelligent environment research includes multi-party interaction, embodied conversational agents (virtual humans), and virtual and augmented reality.… read more. “Job: Professor/Chair of Human Media Interaction at University of Twente”

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Toshiba to launch no-glasses 3D TV

[From PC World; a review of the new products can be found here]

Toshiba to Launch No-glasses 3D TV This Year in Japan

By Martyn Williams, IDG News

Oct 4, 2010

Toshiba is readying two 3D televisions that can produce images with the illusion of depth but don’t require the user to wear glasses, it said Monday. It will launch the televisions in Japan in December. By dispensing with glasses, the TVs answer a key complaint of would-be buyers — but they won’t come cheap.

Toshiba will offer a 12-inch model and a 20-inch model. They’ll cost around ¥120,000 (US$1,430) and ¥240,000 respectively. Toshiba didn’t announce launch or pricing plans for markets outside of Japan. (A video of the new TVs is on YouTube.)… read more. “Toshiba to launch no-glasses 3D TV”

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Call: 2010 Workshop on Designing Ambient Interactions – Pervasive Ergonomic Interfaces for Ageing Well (DAI 2010)

The 2010 Workshop on Designing Ambient Interactions – Pervasive Ergonomic Interfaces for Ageing Well (DAI 2010)

to be held at the AMI 2010 conference
Malaga, Spain, 10 November 2010

Extended Submission Deadline: Sunday 17 October 2010


The AmI ’10 (one-day) workshop titled “Designing Ambient Interactions – Pervasive Ergonomic Interfaces for Ageing Well”, will address the large number of emerging ergonomic and ambient interfaces that facilitate elderly inclusion and accessibility in the digital society. A large number of such interfaces and related interaction techniques (e.g. computing surfaces, voice/speech interfaces, haptics, multi-modal interfaces, context-aware interfaces, location-based interaction mechanisms) have been recently penetrating the AAL field in a number of application domains, including home care, cognitive rehabilitation, social networking and interaction, experience sharing. From a technical viewpoint the above interfaces and interaction disciplines are based on a number of emerging technologies that fall in the broader range of pervasive computing and ambient intelligence.… read more. “Call: 2010 Workshop on Designing Ambient Interactions – Pervasive Ergonomic Interfaces for Ageing Well (DAI 2010)”

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Disney’s TeslaTouch creates new touch screen sensations

[From CNN]

When glass touch screens feel like sandpaper

By John D. Sutter, CNN
October 8, 2010

(CNN) — Glass screens that can feel the touch of your fingers are all the rage these days. You’ll find them in all kinds of gadgets, from smartphones to tablet computers.

But the way a team of Disney Researchers sees it, there’s one huge problem with this technology: All glass screens feel exactly the same.

So, OK, that “problem” may not be keeping you up at night. But think about the difference between typing on a hardware keyboard, where you can feel whether your fingers are hitting the right keys, and a touch screen keyboard, where the letters “q” and “w” feel exactly the same — as does the space between them.

That’s the problem that Disney Research is hoping to solve with a new technology it’s calling “TeslaTouch.”

This new type of touch screen, which was demonstrated for the first time at a tech conference in New York this week, uses a small static force to control friction between a user’s finger and the touch screen.… read more. “Disney’s TeslaTouch creates new touch screen sensations”

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Call: GAMEON ASIA’2011, 3rd annual Asian Simulation and AI in Games Conference

GAMEON ASIA’2011, The 3rd annual Asian Simulation and AI in Games Conference

Digipen Institute of Technology, Singapore, March 1-3, 2011

The aim of the 3rd annual Asian GAME-ON Conference (GAME-ON ASIA’2011) on Simulation and AI in Computer Games, is to bring together researchers and games people from ASIA and the rest of the world, in order to exchange ideas on feasible techniques and research findings, which will be beneficial to the gaming industry and academia. Secondly it aims to steer young people into this industry by providing how-to tutorials and giving them the opportunity to show their ideas and demos to the gaming industry. The conference will … concentrate mostly on the programming of games, with special emphasis on simulation, AI and computational intelligence, and physics related computer graphics. Next to that, all of this will be fused in the topic of computer game design in stand-alone and networked games.… read more. “Call: GAMEON ASIA’2011, 3rd annual Asian Simulation and AI in Games Conference”

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Mitsubishi offers “World’s First Online Test Drive” for its Outlander Sport

[A press release from Mitsubishi; a 0:55 minute video is available here]

The All-New 2011 Mitsubishi Outlander Sport is set to become the “World’s First Online Test Drive”

CYPRESS, California
Thu, Oct 07, 2010

Starting November 2nd and continuing through November 10th, 2010, Mitsubishi Motors North America, Inc., (MMNA), will host the World’s First Online Test Drive of an actual vehicle utilizing interactive remote control of the company’s latest automotive creation, the all-new 2011 Outlander Sport.

Residents of the United States who are 18 years and older with a valid driver’s license will be able to register to have the chance to take a virtual jump behind the wheel to drive the all-new, affordably-priced 2011 Mitsubishi Outlander Sport, a handsome and sure-footed 5-passenger compact crossover vehicle (CUV) … read more. “Mitsubishi offers “World’s First Online Test Drive” for its Outlander Sport”

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