ParadropVR is a paragliding experience that lets you soar through the skies

[Abundary reports on an interesting presence experience that can be customized for consumers in different locations. Earlier coverage by VRFocus adds these details:

“For that immersive feeling guests are strapped into a paragliding harness where they can hold onto two handles to control their direction, moving up and down depending on air currents. A sense of speed is created as jets blow air into the face of the rider as they steer their paraglider around the buildings.”

For more information see the 1:05 minute video in the Abundary story or via YouTube, and the Frontgrid website, which features a different 1:10 minute video (also available via YouTube). –Matthew]

ParadropVR is a paragliding experience that lets you soar through the skies

By Henry Bewicke
January 23, 2020

VR experiences come in all shapes and sizes. Not only can you enjoy thoroughly convincing VR in the comfort of your own home, there are all sorts of bespoke VR experiences available elsewhere. ParadropVR stands out as one of the more innovative VR experiences on the market.

In the early days of video gaming, the newest developments came to the arcade first and the home second, at least until consoles became more powerful and less expensive.

Unlike video games, VR headsets actually became popular in the home before they did in a more public setting. However, there are some key elements which are vital for a fully-immersive VR experience that you can’t easily replicate without some serious investment.

Interactive elements, such as objects, landscapes and environmental effects, have to be designed and implemented specifically for each VR experience.

Bespoke VR experiences

VR experiences are becoming more and more common, especially as a means of injecting some excitement into wider events.

Today is the first day of the Sundance Film Festival, which this year features a variety of VR and AR experiences with enticing names like Metamorphic, Solastalgia, and Hypha.

But quality VR experiences are something you can enjoy in your spare time too. You don’t have to wait for the next big film festival.

We’ve previously reported on popular VR start-ups Sandbox VR and The Void, which have secured millions of dollars from investors. These two companies offer action VR experiences based upon multiplayer, interactive games, the likes of which you would usually play with your friends on the PS4 or Xbox One.

But ParadropVR brings a completely difference VR experience to the table, one which you could argue works even better than the likes of Sandbox VR and The Void.

What is ParadropVR?

Instead of offering a VR experience based around the classic first-person shooter or adventure game, Paradrop VR makes use of a special rig which works in tandem with a VR headset to offer a realistic, indoor paragliding experience.

There are a number of different games available to play through the ParadropVR platform, which allow users to compete against each other on a global leaderboard.

As well as classic skill-based arcade-style games, ParadropVR also offers a stunning City Flyer experience. Instead of navigating their way through floating rings and obstacles, users can enjoy a realistic paragliding experience in major global cities like Bangkok.

You can watch ParadropVR’s City Flyer in action in the [1:05 minute] video [in the original story or via YouTube].

By marrying VR with a moving rig which mimics a real paragliding set up, ParadropVR offers a new take on the standard VR experience.

The platform is marketed as an attraction which can be set up in locations and at events around the world, and bespoke VR courses can also be created for individual locations. ParadropVR was even shortlisted for Best Leisure Concept in the 2019 MAPIC awards.

Abundary has reached out to ParadropVR for comment on its platform, and will update this article once we receive more information.


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