Artist’s “Parallax View” app creates 3-D illusions using iPhone X’s Face ID

[Artist Peder Norrby has created a free app that produces impressive optical illusions, as briefly described in this story from DesignTAXI. For a detailed explanation of the illusions, see the artist’s blog. For more interesting examples of presence, see the (free, public) ISPR Presence Community Facebook group. –Matthew]

3-D Optical Illusion Uses iPhone X’s Face ID To Imagine The Gadget’s Interior

By Mikelle Leow, 22 Mar 2018

Face ID is to the iPhone X as ‘Snake’ is to the Nokia 3310—both are catalysts to keeping you entertained. Apart from Animoji, the iPhone X’s front-facing camera sensors allow for the making of trippy optical tricks that create the illusion of depth.

Recently, you saw a mind-blowing effect that transforms iPhone X’s 2D display into a hollow, unending 3D labyrinth. The creator behind the animation—Peder Norrby—fashioned the illusion through an app he made, ‘TheParallaxView’.

Soon after, Redditor ‘rodzi11a’ shared a video featuring a second UI animation that likely leverages on the same app.

Here, the clip offers a glimpse of what an iPhone X’s internal hardware might look like.

“[T]hey have plenty of room for a headphone jack,” joked user ‘ironmanthing’. “[Y]ou could put a roll of nickels in all that free space.”

Such optical illusions are made using iPhone X’s head tracking capabilities and Apple’s ARKit. ‘TheParallaxView’ relies on the smartphone’s powerful face recognition to track users’ eye movements, and then renders accurate perspectives that follow their orientations.

[via r/iphone]


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