Call: AAAI 2017 Workshop on What’s next for AI in games

AAAI 2017 Workshop on What’s next for AI in games
At the Thirty-First AAAI Conference on Artificial Intelligence (AAAI-17)
San Francisco, California, USA
Workshop Date: February 4 or 5, 2017 (TBD)

Deadline for paper submissions: October 31, 2016 (extended deadline)



With the recent success of AlphaGo, computers now dominate the field of classic board games. While many researchers have already broadened their games-related research beyond the goal of achieving high performance in traditional games, the recent achievement of this milestone result makes it an appropriate time to reflect as a field on what is next in AI in games. With this workshop we seek to bring the broader AI community into this conversation.

This workshop will provide a place for AI researchers working in diverse areas such as machine learning, neural networks, human-aware AI, goal planning, game theory, robotics, and more to share their techniques and findings with those working in games research and the games industry. In the meantime, it provides a venue for game researchers to share their innovation and reflect on current challenges with the broad AI community.

This workshop will consist of three main components: Peer-reviewed paper presentations, invited talks on recent research, and short position talks and a panel discussion on the future of AI in games. We are particularly interested in seeing work that bridges between research communities, applying new approaches or applying work in new or novel domains. Anyone with an interest in AI and Games should consider submitting to or attending this workshop.


Hosted at the Thirty-First AAAI Conference on Artificial Intelligence (AAAI-17)
Hilton San Francisco, San Francisco, California, USA. February 4 or 5, 2017 (TBD)


Nathan R Sturtevant, University of Denver
Aaron Isaksen, NYU
Julian Togelius, NYU
Jichen Zhu, Drexel University


Deadline for paper submissions: October 31, 2016 (extended deadline)
Notification for accepted papers: November 18, 2016
Deadline for camera-ready papers: December 8, 2016
Workshop date: February 4 or 5, 2017 (TBD)

We welcome submissions as either:

  • Full papers describing novel research. Max. 8 pages including references, formatted using the AAAI author kit (
  • Short position statement on the future of AI and Games, open problems in game AI, and potential new uses of AI in Games. Max 500 words (accepted statements will need to be formatted using AAAI author kit)

Research papers may cover a variety of topics within AI for Games, including but not limited to:

  • Machine Learning, Neural Networks, Data Analysis, Reinforcement Learning, Supervised and Unsupervised Learning and their applications towards Game AI
  • Computational Creativity, Mixed Initiative Co-creation, Human-Aware AI, Procedural Content Generation for Games
  • Computer Perception and Natural Language Processing for Games
  • Planning and Reasoning, Computational Narrative, Storytelling
  • Search methods and Knowledge representations for game systems
  • Multi-Agent Systems, Intelligent Agents, Player Modeling
  • Training and evaluation AI systems using Games
  • Core AI research with applications in Games


More information about the entire AAAI 17 conference, including accommodations arrangements, can be found at

For more information and for paper submission details see

Submit your papers at:

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