Epic’s ‘Sense of Presence’ VR documentary available now

[As this story from Road to VR notes, the makers of the new four-part “Sense of Presence” video series take an optimistic view on VR and presence so it’s not the complete picture, but the short segments (only the final one is over 5 minutes) feature interesting “commentary from the leadership of Oculus, NVIDIA, Weta Digital, Oculus Story Studio, Three One Zero, Magnopus and MatterVR, to name a few”; watch all four parts on Epic’s Unreal Engine blog. -Matthew]

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4th Part of Epic’s ‘Sense of Presence’ VR Doc Focuses on the ‘Future of VR’

By Paul James – Oct 28, 2015

Epic, the company behind the popular Unreal Engine, has released the fourth part of it’s series of films looking at virtual reality technology and the industry. It’s been an interestingly positive journey thus far and this latest instalment focuses on where VR technology may take us in the future, beyond gaming.

Towards the end of the latest in Epic’s series of short films on virtual reality technology, founder of Oculus Palmer Luckey states that “Ultimate goal is to make virtual reality as real as possible,” before concluding “because once you can do that, there’s no need to perfect anything else.” A neat way to summarise the essence of VR’s future potential where there are no limits. Gaming may well be what most people are concentrating on right now in the VR space, but as the technology is refined, the range of possibilities for the areas of human life it can potentially touch, change or completely transforms is limitless.

Briefly touching on potential applications for VR music and education, the series continues to be a largely optimistic view on where this new technology could take us. It’ll be interesting to see if the film-makers delve into the darker areas of VR’s potential future at a later date, but I suspect that may well step beyond the series’ remit.


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