Call: New Media and Ethics – Special issue of The Turkish Journal of Business Ethics

[This Call doesn’t specifically mention VR, AR and other presence-evoking technologies on the horizon, but they’d obviously be relevant. -Matthew]

Call for Papers
The Turkish Journal of Business Ethics
Special Issue: New Media and Ethics

Deadline for Article Submission: September 30, 2015

The Turkish Journal of Business Ethics, a biannual journal published by the Turkish Entrepreneurship and Business Ethics Association, will publish a special issue in Autumn 2015, focusing on “New Media and Ethics.”

New media has come to the forefront subsequent to various changes in traditional media, such as news professionalism, institutionalization, and most importantly, the changing form of production and consumption. The limited interaction between media producers and consumers has yielded an interactive content generated by individuals in conjunction with new media. The issues relating to personal data security have been increasing due to new media and digital surveillance. New media allows generation of hate discourses, which affect both private and public lives, without a large amount of capital and effort. Therefore, new legal regulations pertaining to new media must be prepared. Legal regulations related to new media would lead to both national and international discussions, and ethics assumes an important role in these discussions. Submission related to this special issue could consist of research and book reviews in topics including, but not limited to:

  • Defining efforts of new media: Conceptual and theoretical discussions
  • New media and ethical dilemmas
  • Ethical principles and values of new media
  • Freedom, surveillance, and reporting ethics in new media
  • Legal regulations toward new media
  • Intellectual property rights in the context of new media
  • Relationship among new media, politics, and power

The editors of this special issue of the Turkish Journal of Business Ethics invite academics and researchers in the field of humanities and social sciences to contribute to the journal. We encourage papers from multidisciplinary perspectives. The deadline for the paper submission is September 30, 2015.

Authors are encouraged to submit manuscripts using our online service, and will not be considered if sent by post or email. Work submitted for potential inclusion in this journal must be a completed manuscript that adheres to Turkish Journal of Business Ethics submission requirements, found on the journal’s website:

Please send any queries regarding the special issue to:
More information about the journal can be found at:

Special Issue Editors

Prof. Robert Glenn Howard, Department of Communication Arts, University of Wisconsin-Madison, USA
Assist. Prof. Mehmet Emin Babacan, Faculty of Communication, Inonu University, Turkey

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