Couple’s “follow me” photos bring you on exotic travels

[These “follow me” photos bring the viewer into the image, creating both spatial and social presence; the story in BuzzFeed includes 18 other images. –Matthew]

Follow Me photo - Ta Prohm Temple, Cambodia

A Woman Is Leading Her Boyfriend Around The World In These Gorgeous Photos

posted on Jul. 20, 2015
Rossalyn Warren
BuzzFeed News Reporter

For the past seven months, Christian LeBlanc has been travelling around Asia with a backpack, a camera, and with his girlfriend, Laura Reid, leading the way.

The couple, both aged 22 and from Vancouver, Canada, travelled to 10 countries over the seven-month period.

LeBlanc’s trip started in January on a school exchange where he studied in Bangkok, Thailand.

Laura joined him in March, and since then they’ve both graduated.

LeBlanc told BuzzFeed: “We have had awesome experiences like swimming with whale sharks in the Philippines, going to the full moon party in Thailand, and we even drank ‘cat poo coffee’ in Bali.”

This isn’t the first time a boyfriend has snapped his girlfriend leading the way around the world.

LeBlanc says he took inspiration from Murad Osmann, the original creator of the “follow me” style.

LeBlanc said he used the style because “it’s a more interesting way of sharing your experiences.”

His favourite photo was the one taken of sea turtles on Apo Island, Philippines.

“It took about 100 photos to finally get the one of the sea turtles! Photos with animals are difficult because they often have a different agenda.”

He knew this from experience: Earlier this year, a photo of his went viral after an elephant grabbed his selfie stick and used it to take an “elphie.”

LeBlanc denies that his trip and experiences are only available to rich people.

“Many people love the photos as it inspires them to travel the world. But it also has led to many people commenting that a trip like this is only for the rich.”

“This isn’t true. It definitely takes a little sacrifice but it is worth every penny. I’m filming a video today on how I afforded and planned my trip. I will be posting it to my YouTube channel within the next couple days.”

LeBlanc says he will continue taking the “follow me” photos.

“We plan to keep travelling the world and this style of photo is an awesome way to bring our followers with us.”

He added: “I also just ordered a drone so I will be throwing some aerial shots into the mix of my Instagram!”

You can follow the rest of their travels on Instagram here and here.


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