Call: 2014 IEEE Haptics Symposium – Tutorials and workshops

The 2014 IEEE Haptics Symposium ( solicits proposals for tutorials and workshops, to be held on February 23, 2014 preceding the full conference.

Tutorials should disseminate knowledge of established research areas that are relevant to the haptics community. Workshops are forums where specific research topics are presented and discussed aimed at extending the normal disciplinary boundaries of haptics. In all cases we strongly encourage interested organizers to contact the HS14 Workshops and Tutorials Chair as soon as possible to discuss suitability of the proposed topic (send e-mail directly to Antonio Frisoli ( or to

Both tutorials and workshops can have either HALF or FULL day duration, according to proposed plan and covered topics.


Tutorials are self-contained seminars of established research areas that should provide training within and perhaps on periphery of traditional haptic related topics. They should be focused on the proposed topic and should be presented by two or three experts in the field. Interested tutorial organizers should submit a tutorial proposal no later than October 20, 2013.


The goal of workshops is to stimulate or highlight new research topics relevant to haptics which have not previously been within this community’s mainstream. They should allow members of the community to present and discuss new approaches to research, methods, concepts or emerging research areas. This forum should also nurture the interaction among presenters and attendees to obtain feedback from the attending community. Workshop presentations should not largely repeat oral presentations at the main conference, but could, for example, highlight or collect relevant work that has been seen in non-haptics venues. Interested workshop organizers can choose between two different workshop formats: open and panel.


The organizer proposes a topic, which (after approval) is disseminated openly; interested speakers apply to the organizer to participate. This style of workshop is ideal for exploring the degree of interest and activity in a new area.

The organizer should submit a proposal describing the topic, workshop structure and mechanism for choosing speakers to the HS Workshops Chair no later than September 15, 2013. Once reviewed and accepted, the topic will be publicized. The organizers must supply a final program and list of speakers to the Workshops Chair by October 20, 2013.


The organizer proposes a topic, panel of speakers who have agreed to participate, and schedule and description. The proposal should be submitted to the Workshops Chair by October 20, 2013.

All finalized workshop proposals with prospective speakers must be submitted *no later than October 20, 2013.

Appropriate topics for Tutorials and Workshops that the community has expressed interest in include but are not limited to:

  • Neuroscience
  • Rehabilitation robotics and Haptics
  • Haptic rendering (from textures to solid models with deformable properties)
  • Surface haptics
  • Haptics and BCI
  • Dynamics and control of human-in-the-loop haptic systems
  • Emerging Haptic Technologies


  • September 15, 2013: Open Workshop proposals due
  • October 20, 2013: Open (finalized) and Panel Workshop and Tutorial proposals due
  • November 20, 2013: Organizers notified
  • December 20, 2013: Final schedule & speaker list due
  • January 8, 2014: Booklet materials due
  • February 23, 2014: Workshops and Tutorials Held in Houston – Texas


Tutorial and workshop proposals should be sent by email to the HS14 Workshop and Tutorials Chair ( or directly to Antonio Frisoli (, by filling this form (docx version available at

A one page proposal is enough for the initial submission, however a 4-6 page abstract will be requested at a later date to be included in a DVD workshop proceedings which will not be posted online. For more information, see


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