Call: Virulent Experience Exhibition (London)

OPEN CALL FOR SUBMISSIONS – Virulent Experience Exhibition – Conway Hall
Deadline: 30th of June 2012
Application fee: none

FoolishPeople are currently inviting submissions from artists working in all mediums to create artworks and installations for our forthcoming exhibition, Virulent Experience, a unique collaboration between Conway Hall and FoolishPeople.

This is a fantastic opportunity to showcase your work to a wide audience in an historic Central London venue throughout August 2012.

Virulent Experience explores the evolution and devolution of ethics, morals and the impact to the mind, imagination and free will of humans via a fictional future version of London on the eve of the 2040 Olympics.

FoolishPeople will transform the historic Conway Hall – a landmark of London’s independent, intellectual, political and cultural life – into The Museum of Virulent Experience, housing the entire banned index of thoughts, emotions and desires in an age where Information Prohibition has begun.

We are looking for artists working in any medium to create a series of works that exist within the narrative and fictional world of the Museum of Virulent Experience.

We will also accept proposals for completed works that fit within the context and are pertinent to the piece.

All artists featured within the Virulent Experience exhibition will be included in the exhibition book published by Weaponized, this further explores the themes and context of the project.

Please contact to obtain the full artist’s brief.

More information: and


London 2040, society is crippled under the weight of a population addicted to novelty and impermanence. Nothing lasts when every dream or nightmare imagined can be crafted and created. To stem the loss of reason in a post-real world, time and access to the ever expanding human experience is restricted. New forms of experience are policed by the Ministry of Information, in a last ditch attempt to control a world that is eating its own meaning.

Experience of that which is categorised as NOVELTY is monitored under the Human Emotional Experience Act of 2032, where total access to information is strictly limited within a monthly data plan and the most virulent forms of experience and knowledge are banned.

The age of Information Prohibition has begun.

Forced back into the real world, language devolves into hybrid forms, to cater for a generation who only understand meaning when communicated in hash tags and status updates.

Yet there is one place where all you can eat reality still exists and every banned emotion, experience, dream and nightmare can still be made real: the Virulent Museum of Human Experience, housing the entire banned index of thoughts, emotions and desires.

Now, on the eve of the opening ceremony of the 2040 London Olympics, Eliza, a certifiable Experience Junkie, who has spent a lifetime imprisoned by her out of control desires has come to the museum. There, she must convince Socrates, hoodie and outlaw philosopher, a living novelty born of the 2011 London riots, to help her release a secret hidden deep inside the museum. A machine which may save Eliza from her own mind and offer the human, a wayward animal, a method with which to regain the truth it has lost.


Conway Hall is a non-profit venue hosting a variety of lectures, classes, performances, community and social events. It is renowned as a hub for London’s independent intellectual and cultural life.

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FoolishPeople create and engineer immersive events, theatre, collaborative live art, books and film.
 Over a number of years, we have developed a practice Theatre of Manifestation that transforms entire buildings into dreamlike worlds that living characters inhabit.

FoolishPeople has collaborated with hundreds of artists worldwide and produced work in conventional theatres, galleries and site-specific venues throughout the UK, also touring to America and Amsterdam. Our work has been sought out and commissioned by organisations such as the BBC, Secret Cinema, Arcola Theatre and the Institute of Contemporary Arts.

FoolishPeople is currently in post-production on their first feature film Strange Factories:


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