Call: Innovative Research in Virtual Worlds 2011 Conference

Innovative Research in Virtual Worlds
2011 Conference
3rd – 4th November 2011

Coventry University Techno Centre
Gala Dinner at St Mary’s Guildhall

Registration is now open! Learning Innovation Applied Research Group is hosting its first two-day conference, Innovative Research in Virtual Worlds, on the 3rd and 4th November 2011. A dissemination event for the Leverhulme Trust funded CURLIEW project, IRVW 2011 provides an opportunity to interact, discuss and collaborate on the topic of innovative research in virtual worlds. IRVW 2011 will focus on a number of virtual world themes, including the CURLIEW project’s three PhD topics – pedagogical design, learner identity and student experiences.

Keynote Speakers

  • 3rd November: Professor Mike Sharples & Dr Gary Priestnall, University of Nottingham, UK
  • 4th November: Professor Judith Molka-Danielsen, Molde University College, Norway


  • Real life and virtual identities
  • Pedagogical design
  • Student experiences of learning in virtual worlds
  • Proxemics and spatial practice
  • Evaluation of virtual world learning
  • Futures and visions


Registration is now open. To register and pay for this event, please visit this page.

For any queries about IRVW 2011, please contact Cathy Tombs on +44 (0)247 615 8265 or

Program Highlights:

“Virtual worlds from lab to field: learning about landscape through high fidelity virtual models”
Keynote speech by Professor Mike Sharples & Dr. Gary Priestnall, University of Nottingham

“Conducting empirical research in virtual worlds”
Dr. Shailey Minocha, The Open University

“Identity in the spotlight”
Tim Johnson & Barbara Mitra, University of Worcester

“Exploring how a user-friendly authoring tool (OPAL) can be used in schools to create user-generated contexts for learning in a virtual world setting”
Kevin Burden, University of Hull

“Aspects community representation and the negotiation of individual identity within virtual worlds”
Mark Garratt, Coventry University

“Augmented reality. Second Life. Open Sim. And beyond…”
Ian Upton, Get Real Solutions

“How was it for us? Reflections from a nationally funded e-learning development in the field of mental health”
Dr. Carol Chamley & Professor Jane Coad, Coventry University

“Virtual worlds as innovative learning technologies: a case study approach”
Gemma Tombs, Coventry University

“Virtual education – real progress: lessons from the SWIFT project”
Paul Rudman, University of Leicester

“Using virtual world technology to facilitate technical communication instruction” (virtual presentation)
Cindy Raisor & Rochell McWhorter, Texas A&M University

“A conceptual framework for virtual worlds in learning: the case for ‘infrastructure’”
Matt Mawer, Coventry University

“Innovations for learning in virtual worlds”
Keynote speech by Professor Judith Molka-Danielsen, Molde University College

“Learning by designing in virtual worlds”
Katy Lumkin, Macquarie ICT Innovations Centre

“Virtual worlds and learner identity – environments for pursuit and resistance”
Nicole Steils, Coventry University

“Thinking outside the box: exploring identity in an undergraduate programme”
Mark Childs, Coventry University & Richard Sanders, Newman University College Birmingham

“Metaxis: the transition between worlds and the consequences for education”
Professor Liz Falconer, University of the West of England

“Collaborative writing in a virtual world: Second Life as a social and communicative framework for learning”
Ole David Brask, Molde University College

“Using virtual learning environments to support learners in virtual worlds”
Kerri McCusker & Michael Callaghan, University of Ulster

“‘The 3D warehouse’: an interactive health and safety site visit”
Dr. Debbie Holley, Anglia Ruskin University & Alan Hudson, London Metropolitan University

“Designing for learning through immersion: the benefits of cross-disciplinary collaboration in constructing a virtual midwifery simulation”
Colleen McCants, University of Nottingham

“Bridging the gap”
Tim Johnson, University of Worcester

“Crossing the virtual divide”
Joff Chafer, Coventry University

“Encountering oneself and the other: understanding identity through embodiment in Second Life”
Maeva Veerapen, Monash University

“What Call of Duty can teach educators about student engagement”
Kerri McCusker & Michael Callaghan, University of Ulster


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