Job: HCI researcher in Work Practice Technology Group at Xerox Research Centre Europe (Grenoble, France)

We are looking for a high quality HCI researcher to work with the Work Practice Technology Group at the Xerox Research Centre Europe based in the beautiful location of Grenoble, France.

The HCI specialist would be part of a dynamic, multi-disciplinary team working on a variety of interesting research topics, largely in the services area. Working in a research lab in industry provides a unique opportunity to not only contribute to academic debate, but in addition to create innovative technologies which can actually end up in products. Although the position is initially for 18 months, there may be the possibility of a permanent position at the end of this period.

Please see below for details of this position and how to apply. Please do not hesitate to contact me if you would like more information on the position.

Cheers, Jacki

Dr. Jacki O’Neill
Senior scientist
Work Practice Technology, XRCE

Computer Scientist / HCI specialist for Work Practice Technology Group

The Work Practice Technology (WPT) area at Xerox Research Centre Europe, Grenoble, conducts research in the areas of CSCW and HCI applications and it is a multi-disciplinary group, consisting of field workers and computer scientists. We base our research primarily on ethnographic methods of study and analysis, and our orientation in these studies is ethnomethodological. Our research covers numerous work domains, focusing on the ‘office’ and other industrial and commercial enterprises.

We are currently looking for a researcher with skills in CSCW and HCI to support the development phases in one of the projects the group is currently undertaking. The focus of the research will be around collaboration support systems and awareness systems applied to call center work.

Research topics of particular interest include advanced visualization and novel interaction mechanisms and will exploit novel interfaces. The applicants will also have to be able in their research to understand and exploit technology and methods coming from the fields of machine learning.

Applicants will have to demonstrate their capacity to define and/or implement research plans, to carry out leading research through collaboration with Xerox researchers and also the wider academic community, and to influence the research agenda and potentially see strong deployment to be used worldwide in client systems. They will have to demonstrate as well their capability to work in multidisciplinary teams in close collaboration with social scientists and interaction designers.

Experience/diploma required: PhD in Computer Science in the area(s) of CSCW or HCI

Type of contract: The contract length will be 18 months Application instructions

Applications should be sent to: and

More details can be found at

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