Anderson Cooper resorts to photographic evidence to convince skeptical fan his talk show set isn’t ‘fake’

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Anderson Cooper Resorts To Photographic Evidence To Convince Skeptical Fan His Talk Show Set Isn’t ‘Fake’

by Mark Joyella | May 12th, 2011

Since we’ve been a bit hard on CNN’s Anderson Cooper over his troubles with Twitter (like the story we did two months ago about Cooper, who has over a million followers, having no clear idea how to speak back to any of them; or the more recent story about Cooper’s accidental butt-tweet), we wanted to make you aware the silver-haired news anchor’s getting a lot better at engaging with all of those followers. He’s still no Piers Morgan, but he’s getting there.

Take, for instance, Cooper’s recent TwitPic (yup, he’s really getting into the behind-the-scenes pics) of his new Columbus Circle studio for his upcoming daily talk show, Anderson. Cooper tweeted a photo of himself on the set, showing off a huge wall of glass overlooking Central Park. But Becky McClellan of Independence, MO was just not convinced, tweeting that she loves “the fake background.”

Cooper’s response? Another pic [above], just for @BeckyMcClellan, insisting it is, in fact, a real window

[snip to end]

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