Call: CONNECTING the EDGES: An Inter-Continental LiveVibe

The world’s first live performance with simultaneous motion capture from three continents will happen this Nov 4th, hosted at the International Digital Media Arts Association Conference 2010, in Vancouver. Live Performers in Japan, Vancouver, New York City and Florida will dance together in the virtual world – you can watch this historic production at In the Same Space at the Same Time.

CONNECTING the EDGES: An Inter-Continental LiveVibe

Real-time Collaborative Performances between Asia and North America

Thursday November 4, 2010 8:00PM EST

Created specially for World Premiere at the International Digital Media and Arts Association (IDMAA) 2010 Conference in Vancouver, CONNECTING the EDGES: An Inter-Continental LiveVibe: An Inter-Continental LiveVibe joins artists and engineers located across the world together in real time. 

The event begins simultaneously on Thursday November 4, 2010 at 00:00 UTC/GMT. That translates to: 5PM PST Vancouver time, 9 AM East Asia time and 8PM EST.

Building on the network-based global collaborations pioneered by the Digital Worlds Institute’s “In Common: TIME” (ICT) series, CONNECTING the EDGES: An Inter-Continental LiveVibe will feature three innovative ICT performances:


A networked reinterpretation of the origins of narrative from modern times to pre-historic via the invisible bridge of the high-speed network. Produced by the KAIST Graduate School of Culture Technology’s Boncheol Goo with Live Music in Korea and Live Performer in Vancouver.

Web Jam YVR

Live from Vancouver (YVR) video DJ Patrick Pagano jams with a real-time web app by Anton Yudin that allows the global audience to participate with automated imagery pulled from the pictorial web in real time. Put your smartphones to good use. Way cool.

in the SAME SPACE at the SAME TIME

With Organic Motion’s innovative wireless, markerless motion capture system and IOCOM’s scaleable multi-channel video app, Digital Worlds and partners will literally join performers located across Planet Earth into the same virtual space before your eyes. Welcome to the matrix 2010.

The global audience can watch the show at: and also participate live via their smartphones (or other network-connected devices).

Organized and produced by the University of Florida’s Digital Worlds Institute in collaboration with the Emily Carr University, the Korean Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST), Organic Motion of New York, ZeroCSeven of Japan, IOCOM of Chicago and IDMAA 2010 Vancouver.

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