Call: Designing for Performative Interactions in Public Spaces (at UbiComp 2010)

Call for Participation – Designing for Performative Interactions in Public Spaces

UbiComp 2010 – Copenhagen, Denmark
September 26, 2010

Workshop Aims

This workshop seeks to explore performative aspects of ubiquitous and mobile technology when used in public settings.  Based on the idea that interactions with technology conducted in public places may be understood in a ‘performative’ sense, this workshop seeks to examine the variety of technologies that support performative interactions; these can range from explicit performances by actors through to implicit ‘performances’ that are part of everyday actions.  This broad topic includes such technologies as public or large displays, tangible systems, and mobile interfaces as they are used in various public settings such as outdoor urban settings, museums, galleries and exploratoria, and other mobile settings.  This workshop will address these technologies by looking at user experience, spectator and performer roles, and the social acceptability of human performance in public spaces.

Workshop Topics

  • Technologies for performative interaction

    What technologies can be used to track performance?
    How might this tracking be interpreted or mapped to outputs?

  • Evaluating User Experience

    How does performance affect user experience?
    How can this user experience be evaluated?

  • Spectator/Performer Roles

    How do spectators influence performative interface users?
    How can spectators participate in performance?

  • Social Acceptability

    What factors influence social acceptability?
    How does social acceptability change over time?


We invite authors interested in these topics to submit a camera ready paper of 2-4 pages using the UbiComp 2010 Submission Template for Papers and Notes. Papers should address at least one theme from this workshop in the format of a work in progress, early result, or theoretical position paper.  Please submit papers by email to

The workshop will aim to produce a special issue of a journal and/or collectively authored journal paper(s).  Authors of accepted papers will also be invited to attend a social network event on the evening of the workshop put together by the organizers that is not included in the workshop registration cost.

Important Dates

June 18th – Submission Deadline
July 9th – Acceptance Notification
September 26th – Workshop and Evening Social Event

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