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Call: Game Studies at National Popular Culture/American Culture Association 2015 conference

Game Studies Area: 2015 PCA/ACA National Conference

The Game Studies area of the National Popular Culture Association and the American Culture Association Conference invites proposals for papers and panels on games and game studies for the Popular Culture Association/American Culture Association National Conference to be held Wednesday, April 1 through Saturday April 4, 2015 at the New Orleans Marriott.

Below, please find:

I. Topics of Interest
II. Submission Process
III. Information about the Conference
IV. Contact Information


I. Topics of Interest

The organizers seek proposals and papers covering all aspects of gaming, gaming culture and game studies. Proposals can address any game medium (computer, social, console, tabletop, etc) and all theoretical and methodological approaches are welcome. Possible topics include but are not limited to:

  • new game mediums and platforms (Facebook, iPhone/iPad/iPod, etc)
  • representation or performance of race, class, gender and sexuality in games
  • gaming culture, game specific cultures, and multicultural and cross-cultural issues
  • game development, design, authorship and other industry issues
  • game advertising, reviews, packaging, promotion, integrated marketing and other commercial concerns
  • political and legal entailments such as regulation, censorship, intellectual property
  • ludology, textual criticism, media ecology, narratology, etc as paradigms for games studies
  • player generated content in MUDs and MMORPGs, Mods, maps and machinima
  • game genres, platforms, consoles, console wars and connections to other media
  • serious games for education, business, healthcare, (military) training, etc
  • space and place in games, play spaces, virtual/physical communities, mobile gaming and localization
  • digital literacy, discourse practices, social norms and norming, the politics of play
  • public discourse/controversy over violence, militarism, sex, criminality, racism, etc in games
  • game pedagogy and classroom practices, gamification, learning as play

Read more on Call: Game Studies at National Popular Culture/American Culture Association 2015 conference…

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AirVR turns iPad Mini, iPhone 6 Plus into portable VR goggles

[From Man wearing AirVR

You can now attach your iPad directly to your face to experience virtual reality

AirVR wants to turn your iPad Mini and iPhone 6 Plus into portable virtual reality goggles

By Carl Franzen
September 16, 2014

It was only a matter of time. The iPad has been adapted for all sorts of intriguing and surprising purposes over the years (including, recently, a sex toy). Meanwhile, a number of enterprising organizations and individuals have sought to create makeshift virtual reality goggles out of people’s readily available mobile devices (e.g. Google Cardboard). Now the two trends have converged: AirVR is a Kickstarter project from Toronto design firm Metatecture that seeks $20,000 in funding from backers to create an inexpensive headset for converting your iPad Mini (Retina) or soon-to-be-delivered iPhone 6 Plus into a portable virtual reality viewer. Read more on AirVR turns iPad Mini, iPhone 6 Plus into portable VR goggles…

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Call: Editors for “Real Virtual Hardware” issue of Journal of Virtual Worlds Research (JVWR)

Call for Editors: “Real Virtual Hardware” issue of Journal of Virtual Worlds Research (JVWR)

We are looking for a Prime Editor and 1-2 co-editors (you can join as a group) to lead this “Real Virtual Hardware” issue due to be published 2015Q3. If you have an interest and background in the field, as well as experience in academic editing, please send us your CV and a cover letter explaining why you are the perfect person to the task. Email the lot to

These days’ news is all about technology: Apple Watch; Samsung’s Gear VR headset for smartphones; Oculus Rift acquisition by Facebook; and more. This period is therefore a timely occasion to examine the importance of Virtual Reality hardware and its current and future presence in the market.

Virtual worlds are now being augmented with hardware that includes:

We are looking for research papers on and not limited to:

  • Description of current and new hardware
  • Research on new interfaces
  • New market analyses that stems from new hardware
  • Users perception & insights
  • Market impacts
  • And more

Final decision about the editor will be made by end of October or earlier based on the information we get. Read more on Call: Editors for “Real Virtual Hardware” issue of Journal of Virtual Worlds Research (JVWR)…

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Douglas Trumball’s 120 fps 4K 3D immersive film format

[From Douglass Trumball demos MAGI system

[Image: Douglas Trumbull at Toronto International Film Festival's Future of Cinema conference, September 11, 2014; image from Douglas Trumbull, the 72-year-old visual effects legend, welcomes me to Little Brook Farm, the sprawling 50-acre property on which he lives and works with his wife of 13 years, Julia Trumbull, as well as an assortment of free-range donkeys, goats, chickens, roosters, cats and dogs. In addition to their home and animals, the compound also houses Trumbull Studios, a 10-building, state-of-the-art filmmaking facility that was financed with his proceeds from the IPO of IMAX Corp., where he once worked. “We’re not a movie lab in the sense that we process chemicals,” says Trumbull of the operation. “We’re a movie lab in the sense that we’re looking for the future of movies.”

Trumbull drives me a short distance from his home to a full-size soundstage and escorts me into a screening room that he has constructed to meet his ideal specifications: a wide wall-to-wall and floor-to-ceiling curved screen, with surround sound, steeply rigged stadium seating and a 4K high-resolution projector. As I put on specially designed 3D glasses and settle into stadium seating, he tells me, with an unmistakable hint of nervousness, “You’re one of the first people on the planet to see this movie.”

Ten minutes later, the lights come back up and I sit in stunned silence. The short that I have just seen, UFOTOG (a blending of the words “UFO” and “fotog,” the latter slang for press photographer), is stunning not because of its story — we’ve all seen movies about UFOs — but because it shows, as it was designed to do, what movies can look like if theaters, studios and filmmakers embrace the MAGI process through which Trumbull brought it to the screen: bigger, brighter, clearer and with greater depth-of-field than anything ever seen in a cinema before. Read more on Douglas Trumball’s 120 fps 4K 3D immersive film format…

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Job: Instructional Technology/Educational Psychology Asst/Assoc Prof at Kent State U.

Instructional Technology/Educational Psychology Assistant or Associate Professor
Kent State University
Kent, Ohio, USA

OPPORTUNITY:  The School of Lifespan Development and Educational Sciences at Kent State University invites applications for a position in the Educational Psychology and Instructional Technology program. This is a fulltime tenure-track position beginning in the Fall semester of 2015.

QUALIFICATIONS:  This position requires an earned doctorate in Instructional or Educational Technology or a related field (e.g. Educational Psychology, Learning Sciences, Cognitive Science, etc.). Candidates should be developing or have developed a strong program of theory-driven research that studies the use of technology or digital media to improve and assess student learning or teacher development/education. Research specializations that include one or more of the following areas are of particular interest: instructional design and development; online and blended instruction; STEM education; educational games, simulation and immersive environments; dynamic assessment; mobile teaching and learning, computer-supported collaboration; and digital learning environments. Scholarship and experience with blended and online instruction is preferred, along with an interest in its design, implementation and evaluation. Preference will be given to candidates with a strong commitment to research that focuses on the intersection of instructional technology and psychological theories of learning and cognition. Read more on Job: Instructional Technology/Educational Psychology Asst/Assoc Prof at Kent State U….

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‘What is reality?’: A Q&A with the artist who used social media and Photoshop to fake an epic trip even her parents fell for

[From Zilla van der Born in manipulated vacation photo

‘What is reality?’: A Q&A with the artist who used social media and Photoshop to fake an epic trip even her parents fell for

By Caitlin Dewey September 12

Zilla van der Born is not a spy, but for five weeks last year, she acted like one: hiding out in her apartment, wearing disguises when she went outside, and telling everyone she knew — even her parents — that she was jetting around Southeast Asia. She was not.

What the 25-year-old Netherlander was undertaking was an epic feat of performance art/Photoshop magicry. Van der Born is a graphic designer: She’s long been fascinated by the possibility, and danger, of manipulated images. So for this project, which was completed in 2013 but recently went viral, she attempted to take that manipulation to the next level: convincingly Photoshopping herself into travel photos, Skyping her parents from a “Thai hotel” set she built in her apartment, and fake-tanning her way to a convincing vacation glow. This [1:12], for instance, is how she created an image of her “snorkeling in the ocean.”

And this [0:35] is how she faked a shot in an Asian temple.

The result is a striking commentary not only on the power of Photoshop — but also on the malleability of truth online.

“What is reality?” Van de Born asks in an artist’s statement on her Web site. “We live in a visual culture in which mediated information and reality are intertwined.” Read more on ‘What is reality?’: A Q&A with the artist who used social media and Photoshop to fake an epic trip even her parents fell for…

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Call: Collaboration in Augmented Reality – Special issue of Computer Supported Cooperative Work (CSCW)

Computer Supported Cooperative Work (CSCW)
The Journal of Collaborative Computing and Work Practices

Special Issue on Collaboration in Augmented Reality


Stephan Lukosch, Delft University of Technology, The Netherlands
Mark Billinghurst, HIT Lab NZ, University of Canterbury, New Zealand
Leila Alem, CSIRO Computational Informatics, Australia


13 October, 2014:  Submissions due
December, 2014:  First round acceptances announced
January, 2015:  Final Drafts due
February, 2015:  Final acceptances. Issue goes to press


More than 10 years ago, (Olson and Olson 2000) analysed groupware technology in how far it allows geographically distributed teams to work together as if they were practically co-located by means of simulated presence. They came to the conclusion that “Distance matters” and that the analysed technology is not mature enough to enable “virtual co-location” yet. Olson and Olson stated that even future technology will struggle to enable virtual co-location, as providing awareness among co-workers and enabling co-reference as well as spatial referencing will remain a challenge (Olson and Olson 2000).

Considering current software support for collaboration, 10 years later this forecast is still correct. Our current world becomes more complex every day, so complex problem solving and decision-making often requires a team of experts to physically meet and interact with each other. Typical scenarios are, e.g.: complex construction problems, training the usage of complex machinery or decision-making in advanced manufacturing. Unfortunately, it is not always possible to bring such a team together due to the experts’ limited availability, critical timing issues or lack of accessibility of a location.

To address these challenges a variety of teleconferencing and telepresence technologies have been developed. However, most of them involve some variation of traditional video conferencing, which has limitations. This special issue focuses on how Augmented Reality (AR) (R. T. Azuma 1997; R. Azuma et al. 2001) technology can be used to enhance the remote collaboration experience and developed radically new types of collaborative experiences. Read more on Call: Collaboration in Augmented Reality – Special issue of Computer Supported Cooperative Work (CSCW)…

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Catch 3D holographic fish at seaside projection mapping exhibition

[From teamLab's virtual fishing

Catch 3D Holographic Fish At Seaside Projection Mapping Exhibition

By Beckett Mufson — Sep 8 2014

Digital art studio teamLab—known for their interactive, often smartpone-enabled installations—have turned their projection mapping prowess towards Japan’s Kagawa Water Front Festival, transforming a boat and seaside into a 3D holographic fishing hole.

Using their smartphones as a fishing pole, enthusiastic festival-goers could cast a line into the Inland Sea and race to “capture” giant digital fish project not on a screen, but on water and mist. The 3D projection mapped game—dubbed Guruguru Reel—let participants experience the thrill of seaside fishing, but without the the smell, cleanup, and, well, fish.  Read more on Catch 3D holographic fish at seaside projection mapping exhibition…

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Call: American Telemedicine Association (ATA) 2015 conference

Call for Presentations

American Telemedicine Association (ATA) 2015
May 3-5, 2015
Los Angeles, California USA

Submission Deadline:  September 17, 2014

ATA 2015 is the world’s largest meeting and trade show focused on the use of telecommunications in healthcare. The meeting will bring into focus hundreds of presentations about the rapidly evolving and fast growing areas of connected healthcare including telemedicine, telehealth, mobile health and remote health monitoring.

This is your opportunity to share critical research findings, innovations, and best practices before thousands of leaders in healthcare, technology and public policy from around the world. Presentations will be selected by an elite group of 50 thought-leaders in health and technology. Accepted presenters will be showcased both in front of attendees and online as part of ATA’s Learning Center. Press coverage will highlight many presentations in media outlets throughout the world. Read more on Call: American Telemedicine Association (ATA) 2015 conference…

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Planned 3D-SPACE museum with VR exhibit in L.A.

[From IndieGoGo]

3-D In Depth graphic

New LA-Based 3D Museum with VR Exhibit Launches Crowd-Funding Campaign

Jamie Feltham
September 11, 2014

As fans of the technology know, history is currently being made in the virtual reality (VR) space. Companies such as Oculus VR continue to make strides in developing head-mounted displays (HMD) that make the concept, once limited to fiction, a viable consumer market. Some of that history is set to be documented along with other 3D media in a new Los Angeles-based museum that has recently launched an IndieGoGo campaign. The Center for Stereoscopic Photography, Art, Cinema and Education, shortened to 3D SPACE, is currently looking to raise $75,0000 USD. Read more on Planned 3D-SPACE museum with VR exhibit in L.A….

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