Japanese rockstar Yoshiki engages in piano battle with hologram of himself

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Yoshiki and his hologram on stage

Japanese rockstar Yoshiki engages in piano battle with hologram of himself

By Nick Lavars
March 20, 2014

Following in the virtual footsteps of Tupac Shakur, at the SXSW festival last weekend Japanese musical icon Yoshiki used a hologram not just in an attempt to add a little flair to his performance, but to indulge those fans who can’t quite get enough of him.

Yoshiki, a musician, songwriter, composer, record producer, front man of heavy-metal band X Japan and classical soloist, appeared on stage at the music and technology festival to a rousing reception and proceeded to sit himself at one end of a double piano.

All appeared normal as Yoshiki began stroking the keys, but when a more clearly defined and life-like Yoshiki emerged from the left of stage, the audience began to grasp they had a one-of-a-kind piano battle on their hands.

We’re not sure if you’d classify this as a solo or duo performance, but it lasted around two minutes and involved intense playing from equally animated Yoshikis, with gestures even exchanged across the piano top.

The unique performance comes as Yoshiki prepares to embark on this first ever classical world tour, due to begin in Costa Mesa, California on April 25.

You can watch the entire performance in the video [here].

Update (March 22, 2014): As some commenters have kindly pointed out, Yoshiki and his band X Japan actually beat Tupac to hologram form with a performance in 2011.

Source: Yoshiki

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One Comment

  1. Jade Franks
    Posted April 4, 2014 at 7:11 pm | Permalink

    I can only imagine how long this took to put together. The hologram looks just like him and even does the same gestures as him. The body language is uncanny. With the shock value of this type of presence performance I would not be surprised if I saw more and more performers embarking on this type of technical performance.

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