Call: DIS 2024 Workshop on Creative Robotics Theatre

Call for papers, videos, pictorials, design explorations and performances

Creative Robotics Theatre Workshop
At ACM Conference on Designing Interactive Systems 2024
July 1-5, 2024
IT University, Copenhagen-DK and online

Submission deadline: May 31, 2024

Join us at DIS 2024 for an innovative workshop exploring the confluence of robotics, theatre, and societal change. We are seeking artists, technologists, researchers, and practitioners interested in pushing the boundaries of Creative Robotics Theatre to enhance societal well-being and address global challenges.


We invite submissions that explore the integration of robotics in performing arts and its impact on society. Contributions can include but are not limited to, theoretical papers and pictorials, tech-theatre design explorations, case studies, co-design and participatory methodologies co-design and participatory methodologies and proposals for interactive demonstrations or performances. Submissions should highlight innovative approaches to robotic design and the role of technology in theatre and societal engagement.

Submission Guidelines:

  • Abstracts: 300-500 words outlining your contribution, accompanied by up to 3 images or video links.
  • Format: PDF, following the DIS 2024 submission format.
  • Submission: email with title Creative Robotics Theatre workshop, DIS 2024
  • Deadline: All submissions will undergo a peer-review process, with selected contributions invited for presentation at the workshop.


Participants will engage in discussions, hands-on activities, and collaborative sessions aimed at defining Creative Robotic Theatre and its applications. The workshop will serve as a pilot bringing together a community of research and practice, developing design toolkits and co-design methodologies. Accepted submissions will be considered for the proposal of special issue in the International Journal of Performance Arts and Digital Media.

Topics of interest (including but not limited to):

  • Creative Robotics Theatre
  • Robotics Performance
  • Embodied and Tangible interfaces and performances
  • Performance with embodied objects
  • Technological embodiment in performance
  • Virtual/Remote theatrical playgrounds
  • Drone performance
  • Interactive Storytelling with Robots
  • Robot Choreography and Dance Performances
  • Robotics in Puppetry and Marionette Theater
  • Wearable Technology and Costumes in Robotic Performances
  • Ethical and Social Implications of Robotic Theater
  • Collaborative Creation Processes in Robotic Performance
  • Sound Design and Music Composition for Robotic Performances
  • Adaptations of Classic Plays and Literature with Robotics
  • Human-Robot Interaction in Performance Art


Submission deadline: 31 May 2024

ORGANISERS [see website for more details]

  • Dr Hooman Samani
  • Prof. Vali Lalioti
  • Dr Diana Alina
  • Joana Chicau
  • Dr Doros Polydorou
  • Prof. George Rodosthenous
  • Dr Amelia Knowlson
  • Yorgos Bakalos
  • Michael Neale
  • Prof. Bipin Indurkhya

UAL Creative Computing Institute



UAL Creative Computing Institute
45–65 Peckham Road


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