Call: Environments By Design: Health, Wellbeing and Place; Theme: Connectivity (Virtual Conference)

Call for Papers

THEME: CONNECTIVITY – Joining-up approaches to Health and Wellbeing across design and health disciplines
Dates: 1-3 December, 2021
Place: Virtual

Deadline for abstracts: 25 October, 2021 [Round Two]

The COVID-19 pandemic, and the social distancing and ‘lockdown’ measures that have been implemented in response, have refocused the attention of many on the importance of connections to human health. This includes not only the social connections which have been shown to prevent mental health problems (Hawkley & Cacioppo, 2010) but also connections to nature which have been shown to result in decreased physical discomfort (Lohr & Pearson-Mims, 2000) and improved mood (Shibata & Suzuki, 2004), and material connection and sensory stimulation from our environment (Heerwagen, 2012).

Furthermore, the levels of disruption we have experienced to the economy, to education, and to social and cultural activities, have demonstrated how human health and wellbeing is implicitly intertwined with many other aspects of our lives, and should not be treated as an isolated issue. In the goal to prevent outbreaks of infectious diseases, the built environment shares common origins with public health, that can be traced back centuries (Hu and Roberts, 2020).

The important role that architecture can play in facilitating social connections, connections with nature, and relationships with the environment though sensory stimulation and variation are well established (Heerwagen, 2012). Meanwhile, at an urban scale, street network connectivity is associated with pedestrian movement and active commuting (Ozbil et al., 2011; Ozbil et al., 2020). Most recently, connectivity in the built environment has taken a digital turn, with the emergence of smart cities and the Internet of Things (IoT) promising to render our built environment ever more efficient, sustainable, and responsive (Hamed S. Alavi et al. 2019).

This theme invites papers examining the theme of connectivity across healthcare and the built environment. Papers may include, but are not limited to, studies of the health and wellbeing implications associated with:

  • networks to facilitate active transport;
  • human-building interactions;
  • designing to facilitate social connections/connections with nature;
  • connections with other priority agendas in the built environment.

Formats: Zoom, pre-recorded, lightning talks, written papers


25 June 2021: Abstracts [Round One] | 25 July 2021: Feedback
25 Oct 2021: Abstracts [Round Two] | 05 Nov 2021 Feedback
Conference: 01-03 December 2021
30 Jan 2022: Full Paper Submissions (where applicable) | 30 March 2022: Feedback for publication | 30 May 2022 resubmissions
15 July 2022: Publication begins

Nb. Abstracts will be reviewed on a rolling basis. The early abstract deadline is for delegates who need early confirmation.


The conference welcomes case studies, design proposals, research projects, investigative papers and theoretical considerations as written papers, Zoom and pre-recorded presentations – permanently available via the AMPS Youtube channel.

Written papers are optional. If submitted they should be 3000 word length. Formatting instructions to follow the conference. All papers are double- blind peer reviewed for the AMPS Conference Proceedings Series, ISSN 2398-9467. Subject to review, selected authors will be invited to develop longer versions as articles in the academic journal Architecture_MPS ISSN 2020-9006, or in specially produced conference books. Our publishers include: Routledge Taylor & Francis | UCL Press | Intellect Books | Cambridge Scholars Publishing | Vernon Press | Libri Publishing.


Download: Abstract Submission Form

Delegate Fee: $350 | £290   [Audience fee: $200 | £150]

Please send this fully completed document to:

The document must be in Microsoft Word. | Subject line for emails: Abstract Submission Health 2021 | File name for attachment: Name_Surname_Summary Title_Abstract_Health_2021 | Example file and name: Charlie_Smith_Yet-Another-Apartment-Block_Abstract_Health 2021


Organised by Syracuse University, Chalmers University of Technology, Northumbria University, and the Italian Society for the Sociology of Health with AMPS, PARADE and UCL Press.

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