Call: International Media Music and Sound Arts Network in Education Zurich 2020 Congress

Call for Papers and Presentations

International Media Music and Sound Arts Network in Education (IMMSANE)
Zurich 2020 Congress
1st – 3rd October 2020
Zurich, Switzerland

Submission deadline: 1st May, 2020

IMMSANE welcomes proposals for papers and presentations for IMMSANE Zurich 2020 taking place 1st – 3rd October 2020 in Zurich, Switzerland. Participants should propose brief presentations of research, pedagogy or screenings/performances of research for inclusion in the congress and submit them to by 1st May 2020. The presentations should include a title and abstract. IMMSANE Zurich 2020 will focus on topics of:

  • Interaction and collaboration between sound and music
  • International/global media music and sound arts pedagogy
  • Design and implementation of collaborative projects between media music and sound institutions
  • New and developing practice in producing music, sound and visual media
  • Collaborations in these related fields that include working across countries, continents, cultures and genres
  • Composition for film and the blurring of the roles between sound and music
  • Traditional and contemporary analysis of compositional methods in film music composition and sound design
  • Experimental research on incorporating sound and music within media and technology
  • Performance practice, improvisation and studio creativity related to media music and sound production


Educational meetings and presentations will be held at the Zurich University of the Arts to share information and discuss collaborative projects between education institutions, composers, sound designers and artists and students.

Keynotes and papers will be presented dealing with new and innovative topics related to pedagogy in media music and sound art programmes, research on industry practice and technique. The Music for Screen Collaboration Network (MSCN) will develop performances/screenings as part of the research event components.

Zurich Film Festival collaborates with IMMSANE by providing attendees and presenters of IMMSANE Zurich 2020 with accreditation to its events, screenings and the final concert of the Zurich Film Music Competition performed by the Tonhalle Orchestra.


For information and questions, contact


Soundtrack Cologne:
Soundtrack Cologne is one of the most important media music and sound design industry events in Europe and is the patron and host of EEAMS. The next Soundtrack Cologne 17 takes place 22nd – 26th April 2020.

Zurich Film Festival:
Zurich Film Festival is a relatively young film festival which has developed to achieve a great impact in recent years. ZFF will be hosting the IMMSANE Zurich 2020 as part of their festival programme between 1st – 4th October 2020.

Festival International du Film d’Aubagne:
This festival hosts the EEAMS (South) meetings and has a strong focus on music for film as well as screenings and director/composer meetings, etc. The next FIFA will take place 30th March – 4th April 2020.

Zurich University of the Arts:
The Zurich University of the Arts is a Swiss HE arts institution with s strong media music and sound department. The Zurich University of the Arts, Composition for Film, Theatre and Media supports IMMSANE by providing academic hosting for IMMSANE Zurich 2020 events.

International Film Music Competition:
The International Film Music Competition takes place since 2012, collaborating with the Tonhalle Orchestra Zurich and forumfilmmusik to provide one of the most important film music competitions in which the finalists are performed by live orchestra to screen at a special event in Zurich during the ZFF. This final event will take place also during IMMSANE Zurich 2020.

Oticons Faculty International Film Music Competition:
This competition has become one of the world’s leading International film music competitions through it’s unique profile which mentors each yearly compeition winners through representation and career development. Oticons Faculty collaborates with IMMSANE in events during IMMSANE Zurich 2020.

Music For Screen Collaboration Network:
The Music for Screen Collaboration Network (MSCN) develops projects within media music education and links them with industry exposure. The MSCN interacts with institutions, utilising sound designers, composers and film makers (and animators), to co-run projects with accessible outcomes, then bring the finished results to screen at film (music) festivals. The MSCN is developing components for IMMSANE Zurich 2020.


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