Call: Workshop on Experimental and Integrative Approaches to Robo-ethics (EIAR 2019)

Call for Abstracts (1000 words)

Workshop on
Experimental and Integrative Approaches to Robo-ethics (EIAR 2019)
@ ICSR 2019 (The Eleventh International Conference on Social Robotics)
Madrid, Spain
November, 29, 2019
Conference website:
Workshop website:


Abstract Due – September 25, 2019
Notification of Acceptance – October 05, 2019


We are interested in submissions of original research in Ethics of Social Robotics and HRI, or research from related fields, relevant to the topic of “Experimental and Integrative Approaches in Robo-ethics”. The submissions, in the form of abstracts (min 800, max 1000 words, references excluded), should present original research works related with, but not limited to, one or more of the following topics of interests:

  • (Experimental, Integrative) Robo-ethics
  • Robot Ethics
  • Ethics of Social Robotics and HRI
  • Integrative Social Robotics
  • Synthetic Ethics
  • The Synthetic Method applied to Ethics
  • Experiments in Social Robotics and HRI related to ethical issues
  • Improvement of the ethical dimension of social robots
  • Implementation of moral rules in (social) robots
  • Emergent ethical issues in social and affective human-robot interaction
  • Social and cultural implications of current trends in Social Robotics and HRI


The development and diffusion of social robots gives increasingly rise to ethical and legal concerns related to, e.g., responsibility assignments in cooperative tasks, implementation of moral rules in robots, possible dual uses and misuses of artificial agents, unintended modifications of social, cognitive, emotive and communication abilities in humans interacting with robots. The urgency of developing effective ethical inquiries related to these issues leads specialists to acknowledge the need to overcome classical approaches, based exclusively on philosophical analysis. Emerging trends are incorporating, within the frameworks of ethical inquiries on social robots, a series of methods, tools and scenarios defining empirical research in Social Robotics and HRI.

The main goal of the Experimental and Integrative Approaches to Robo-ethics (EIAR 2019) workshop is to discuss possibilities, limits and ways of this new orientation, with a specific focus on the role that experiments can play in addressing ethical and legal issues concerning (social) human-robot interaction. To this end the workshop will propose a number of presentations illustrating concrete pioneering experimental and integrative approaches in Robo-ethics, and stimulate structured discussion directed to their development, improvement and diffusion. The ultimate aspiration is to activate the process of constitution of an interdisciplinary community engaged in the development of a well-defined research line in Experimental and Integrative Robo-ethics.


Luisa Damiano (University of Messina, Italy)
Paul Dumouchel (Ritsumeikan University, Japan)
Antonio Fleres (University of Messina, Italy, and Heriot Watt University, UK)
Johanna Seibt (University of Aarhus)


The accepted abstracts will be published on the web-site of the workshop shortly after ICSR 2019, so that they can be accessed later.

Furthermore, we plan to involve the workshop keynote and the selected speakers in submitting constributions to a journal special issue on the topic of “Experimental and Integrative Approaches to Robo-ethics”.


If you would like to contribute to the workshop on “Experimental and Integrative Approaches to Robo-ethics”, please send an email to Pierluigi Graziani ( with:

  1. list of authors;
  2. title of the presentation you intend to propose;
  3. abstract of the presentation (min 800, max 1000 words, references excluded).


Francesco Bianchini (University of Bologna, Italy)
Edoardo Datteri (University of Milano-Bicocca, Italy)
Pierluigi Graziani (University of Urbino, Italy)


For further information, please contact Francesco Bianchini (

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