Call: “Uses and Effects of Smart Media: How AI Impacts User Experience” issue of Journal of Broadcasting & Electronic Media

Call for Papers

Journal of Broadcasting & Electronic Media
Special Issue: Uses and Effects of Smart Media: How AI Impacts User Experience

Submission Deadline: November 15, 2019

The increasing integration of artificial intelligence (AI) into digital media technologies has provided additional affordances and altered the nature of user experience, providing new audience engagement and gratification opportunities that meet human needs for information, communication and entertainment in a variety of innovative ways.

These AI-driven smart media have helped usher in a new media environment where social bots are used to spread false information, a 360-degree view provides a panoramic look of a natural disaster event – and augmented reality is used to aid strategic communication objectives – including both commercial and prosocial campaigns. Likewise, from personalized movie offerings on Amazon and Netflix to digital virtual assistants such as Siri and Alexa, a number of new AI-based tools, mobile apps and devices have changed the nature of our media consumption and habits.

To date, the social and psychological effects of these developments have yet to be fully understood. Therefore, we have dedicated a special issue of the journal to probe into cognitive, affective and behavioral aspects of user engagement with AI-enabled media technologies.

For this special issue, we invite submissions that empirically investigate the uses and effects of AI-based media from communication, psychology, marketing, computer science, information science, and other fields. Interdisciplinary research is particularly welcome.

For questions, please contact:

Special Issue Editor:
S. Shyam Sundar
Pennsylvania State University
College of Communications

To submit a manuscript to this special issue call, please visit:

Editor, Journal of Broadcasting & Electronic Media:
Carolyn A. Lin
University of Connecticut
Department of Communication


One response to “Call: “Uses and Effects of Smart Media: How AI Impacts User Experience” issue of Journal of Broadcasting & Electronic Media”

  1. Abigail Merola

    This is such an interesting article to read because of how accurate it is to our society today. AI is slowing going to take over our world. These AI-driven smart devices are going to make the media go crazy because of how advanced they are. I think it is okay that the social and psychological effects of these development s are not thought out yet because all technology causes different effects on people and it is okay not to know what is to come. I cannot wait to see what all of this new technology does for our future.

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