Call: Workshop on supporting collocated participation in large events at CSCW 2018

Call for Papers

Workshop on supporting collocated participation in large events
At CSCW 2018 – The 21st ACM Conference on Computer-Supported Cooperative Work and Social Computing (
November 4th, Jersey City, USA

Position paper deadline: October 10th

How can technology transform how people assemble and interact in-person for learning, work, and fun? Nowadays, backchannels and audience interaction systems, have provided the audience with a mediated channel to support their participation. We are seeing conferences, seminars, classes, festivals transform the audience experience through technologies that allow spectators to participate in the creation of the event’s content.

Such settings have a hybrid character by simultaneously offering channels for both face-to-face direct audience-performer interaction and for computer-mediated non-direct interaction. These two channels may complement each, overtake each other’s functions, or also create confusion among the performers and the audience and deteriorate the experience instead of improving it.

We are organizing a full-day workshop which takes place at CSCW 2018 on November 4, 2018, in Jersey City (USA), with an aim to develop a research agenda for hybrid interactions in events and to support collaboration in related research topics. We also hope to develop lightweight collaborative infrastructures for people interested in this topic.

Topics of the workshop include but are not limited to:

  • How should we research and understand hybrid events?
    • How do we study multichannel events where interaction takes place across channels?
    • What kind of analytic orientations can be successfully applied to understand participant interactions?
  • How we evaluate the success of events?
    • How can we support the creation of hybrid events?
    • How do we generate an understanding of the practices to be supported with hybrid interaction technology?
    • How do we design “the right system(s)” to support hybrid interaction appropriately
  • What kind of technologies (e.g., input modalities and systems) can be used to address these topics?
    • How can novel technologies like machine learning, autonomous agents, voice interfaces, and the Internet of Things help in the creation of hybrid events?
    • How do the emerging practices inform the design of these systems?
    • What kind of novel roles emerge in the hybrid events?
    • How do people organize and manage the complexities of hybrid events?
    • What challenges and benefits hybrid events have for participants?

We invite the interested parties to submit their position papers (max 4000 words), present their work in the workshop, and engage in learning from each other.


Position paper deadline: October 10th
Workshop: November 4th


Matti Nelimarkka
Antti Salovaara
Giulio Jacucci
Steven Dow
Joel Fischer
Louise Barkhuus
Kenton O’Hara

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