Call: Realities360 – The Enhanced Realities Conference

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Realities360 – The Enhanced Realities Conference
July 26-28, 2017
San Jose, California

At Realities360 Conference, July 26 – 28 in San Jose, California, you can choose from a variety of sessions that will enable you to get up close and personal with enhanced reality technologies and gain the insight to put these technologies into your own training and development work. Peruse over 30 hands-on sessions where peers and industry leaders are sharing best practices, how-tos, case studies, and emerging trends:

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Here’s a taste of what you can expect to experience with augmented, virtual, and expanded realities at this limited-seating event:

Augmented Reality – See examples of AR being used for L&D. Learn how you can create and apply AR right away, and explore how the technology is evolving. Discover the transformative power AR has for L&D and how you can harness that potential in your work.

Virtual Reality – Experience VR firsthand, and truly learn and understand what a VR experience is. You’ll be able to engage in discussions that will enable you to harness the power of VR in your own work so you can determine when and how VR might be a viable solution for your organization.

Expanded Realities – AR and VR are just the beginning. Discover other technologies creating learning experiences that exist in and outside of traditional reality. These examples will reframe how technology supports learning, exposing possibilities you never knew existed.

In order to explore the possibilities that AR, VR, and other alternate-reality technologies pose for learning and performance, you first need to understand what it means to experience them for yourself. The Technology Showcase provides unprecedented hands-on access to the technologies that are blazing the trail to where AR, VR, and expanded realities will lead us in the future. You’ll be able to immerse yourself into a number of examples and speak to the people who developed them. This hands-on experience will add a layer of depth to your Realities360 experience that will enable you to better put these technologies into the context of your work.

101 BYOL: Getting Started with Augmented Reality
102 VR in the Enterprise: What Works and What Doesn’t
103 VR and Emotion: Making Your Content Immersive and Meaningful
104 Connecting Training to the Real World with Scenario-Based AR/VR
202 Virtual Reality Simulations: Building a Prototype for Dementia Education
203 From Immersion to Presence: How VR Is Disrupting Learning
204 Alternate Reality Games: Gamification for Performance
301 BYOL: Augmented Reality on a Budget
302 What Learning Theories Teach Us About Learning in VR
303 Making Immersive Learning Accessible with Mobile VR
305 The Workforce Uprising: Training for the New (Virtual) Reality
401 BYOL: Developing Training with Google Cardboard Interactive 360-Degree Videos
402 Using Industry Standards to Future-Proof Your AR Solution
403 Developing VR Using Unity: A Road Map for Getting Started
404 Right Now! AR and VR for Critical Training on the Factory Floor
502 Teaching Game Engines in VR: Lessons Learned
503 Usable Tips for Creating Great UI/UX in AR
504 Enhance Your VR Learning Journey with Gesture Control
601 BYOL: The Augmented Reality Amazing Race
603 Lessons Learned from a Decade of Virtual Training
604 Exploring the Psychology of Mixed Realities for Learning
701 BYOL: Improving VR Images with Photoshop
702 A Year with 360-Degree Video: Tips for Getting Started
703 Creating Presence in Virtual Reality
704 Planning Your Realities: Increasing AR/VR Effectiveness with Context Analysis
801 BYOL: Low-Cost, High-Impact AR Experiences
802 Wayfinding, Storytelling, and Structuring Interaction in VR
803 Using Immersive 360-Degree Video to Treat Hospital Anxiety
804 Alternate, Virtual, and Mixed Realities Are Mobile Strategy Musts
902 The Future of Leadership Development: VR for Human Understanding
903 Case Study: AR for Software Rollout
904 Augmented Intelligence for Learning Solutions

If you want to understand how these technologies can be used in training and development, join us in the heart of Silicon Valley and immerse yourself in learning.

Plus, employees of academic institutions save an additional 35% off registration!

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