Call: Simulations, Training and Digital Game Technology Symposium at U. of Calgary

Simulations, Training and Digital Game Technology Symposium
University of Calgary
17-18 February, 2016

This event has been organized to highlight the latest work on simulations in training, education, and rehabilitation. Together with leading experts from academia, professional agencies, private business and the Calgary Police Service, presenters will share their work and ideas in an intensive participatory environment to create a user-driven learning event for all symposium attendees.

This conference is targeted towards those individuals with a background in design, development and/or research in training simulation and gaming. There will is a $75 CAD registration fee for the two days that includes meals.

Registration will be limited to 50 participants. Take advantage of the low Canadian dollar while it lasts.

To register, please contact
Dr Larry Katz at


Dr. Tom McLaughlin is CEO of Motion Reality, Inc. (“MRI”). He received his MS and PhD in Biomechanics from the Univ. of Illinois (1978), was a visiting scholar at UCLA and a professor at Auburn until 1984 when he founded Biomechanics, Inc. (which became MRI in 2001). His specialty is in spatial musculoskeletal modeling dynamics of human motion, and integration of mechanics and analytical techniques with real-time 3D computer animation and immersive simulation.


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