Call: CHI 2016 Workshop on Tangibles for Health

Call for Participation

CHI 2016 Workshop on Tangibles for Health
San Jose, CA, USA, 7th OR 8th May 2016

The impact of HCI in Health and Wellbeing has gained prominence in the last few years.  Whilst this work has significantly pushed forward the field, most work has focused around the development and study of “apps” running on commercial smartphones. Tangible User Interfaces (TUIs), using physical objects to interact with computer systems, offer many physical and interaction qualities that have potential to benefit the eHealth community. For example, supporting physical rehabilitation through interactive tangible objects, using 3D printing to provide custom devices to support elderly living independent lives longer, or to provide tangible data visualisations to overome sight loss. Tangible approaches can also potential to supporting wellbeing, such as reducing anxiety. Yet, there is relatively little research that combines the two.

This one day interdisciplinary workshop will bring together leading researchers in tangible user interaction and health to explore the potential of tangibles as applied to healthcare and wellbeing, and map out the research space of its potential.


We welcome submissions covering any relevant topics (listed below) in either eHealth or Tangible User Interaction. Participants may submit either a 4-5 page position paper in CHI EA format, or a 2-4 page description of a Demo that they will bring to the workshop.


  • First Submission Date (see submission date notes below): 17th December 2015
  • Notification Date: 21st December 2015
  • Second Submission Date: 12th January 2016
  • Notification Date: 15th January 2016
  • Final Camera Ready Submissions: 12th February 2016
  • Workshop 7th OR 8th May (1 day)

Submissions should be mailed as a pdf to

At least one author must register for the Workshop and one day of the conference itself.

More details are on the website:


We welcome submissions in or related to the following broad topic areas:

  • Tangible User Interfaces, potential and challenges as applied to eHealth
  • Challenges in supporting Health and Wellbeing
  • Embodied Interaction for eHealth
  • Challenges in supporting specific user populations
  • Applying TUIs to eHealth, challenges and opportunities.


Audrey Girouard (Carleton University, Canada)
David McGookin (Aalto University, Finland)
Katie Siek (Indiana University, USA)
Orit Shaer (Wellesley College, USA)
Marilyn Lennon (Strathclyde University, UK)
Peter Bennet (University of Bristol, UK)

On Submission Dates: You have two submission dates? Yes, it is a bit confusing isn’t it. This is a change by CHI this year. The idea is that if you have money that must be spent by the end of 2015, but you need an accepted paper before you can use that money, then we have a submission deadline of the 17th December so we can get back to you on the submission before Christmas. If you don’t have a budget like that, then you can submit to either submission date. You only need to submit once to one of the submission dates. This is not a two stage process. You can read about this in more detail from the CHI website (see


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