Call: GUR Tool Design Jam: Designing Tools for Games User Research (at CHI PLAY 2015)


GUR Tool Design Jam: Designing Tools for Games User Research
In conjunction with CHI PLAY 2015 in London (


August 30, 2015: Submissions deadline
September 4, 2015: Acceptance notification
October 4, 2015: Workshop

This one-day workshop explores the vast spectrum of tools used and created by current game user researchers and provides a platform of discussion for advancing the development of such tools. This workshop will facilitate intersections from user researchers with diverse epistemologies, as well as from both academia and the industry, in an interactive Design Jam activity to collaboratively design future-proof GUR tools. The immediate outcome of the workshop is twofold: to collectively establish state-of-the-art tool design guidelines, and to archive the papers and discussions, which will extend the conversations and relationships beyond the workshop. Moreover, the long-term outcome will be the start of a community that focuses on creating better tools to aid the study of player experiences.

A key challenge towards understanding user experiences is to facilitate the collection, triangulation, evaluation and interpretation of multimodal user data, in order to effectively guide design decisions.

This workshop is the first-of-its-kind “Design Jam”, i.e., design-a-thon that allows for teams of participants to brainstorm and craft the ultimate games user research tool for multimodal data. It aims to provide deep interactive exchanges between participants, thus facilitating “crossings” between interdisciplinary academic fields and the industry. To prime the Design Jam, the “Insights” teams from Riot Games, Electronic Arts and Execution Labs will also deliver presentations. Ultimately, the workshop serves as a springboard towards building a community of user researchers around the common issues and approaches when dealing with multimodal data.

Participants are invited to submit a 4-page position paper (SIGCHI Extended Abstracts format) or an abstract and slides/video (only recommended for industry participants). Content should highlight practical challenges relating to the use of tools to understand user experiences using multimodal data, and insights or ongoing work to tackle these challenges.

Participants are asked to submit their proposals via EasyChair by 30 August 2015. A short biography of each author attending the workshop needs to be included (100-150 words). Submissions will be reviewed and the organizing committee will select up to 20 participants according to relevance, quality of results, and research diversity. If accepted, at least one author must register for the workshop and the CHIPLAY conference. Papers will also be compiled on the workshop website

Chek Tien Tan (University of Technology, Sydney)
Pejman Mirza-Babaei (University of Ontario Institute of Technology)
Veronica Zammitto (Electronic Arts)
Alessandro Canossa (Northeastern University)
Genevieve Conley (Riot Games)
Günter Wallner (University of Applied Arts Vienna)


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