Call: British Society of Aesthetics Conference on Fictional Characters

[A (free) ‘deep dive’ into philosophical issues of reality/fiction. -Matthew]

British Society of Aesthetics Conference on Fictional Characters
University of Southampton, 15th and 16th December 2015

Fictional characters have received unprecedented philosophical attention in last few years including the publication of the following monographs: Thomasson’s (1999) Fiction and Metaphysics, Priest’s (2005) Towards Non-Being, Azzuoni’s (2010) Talking About Nothing, Crane’s (2013) The Objects of Thought, Everett’s (2013) The Nonexistent, and the long awaited release of Kripke’s (2013) Reference and Existence. Despite the progress made by the above authors, there is still no consensus as to the best approach to the problem of fictional characters. The proposed conference, by bringing together some of those working in detail on the topic, seeks to highlight where there is agreement and what needs to be done to address the remaining problems.



As well as the invited speakers, there are five 45 minute slots available for submitted papers. Potential topics for submitted papers include, but are not limited to

  • Pretense and irrealism about fictional characters
  • The metaphysics of creationism about fictional characters
  • The semantics of fictional names
  • Singular thought and thinking about the same thing
  • Truth in fiction and encoding of properties
  • Meinongianism

Initial review of papers will be done anonymously. The final program will be selected with an eye to maintaining diversity. Anonymized submissions of up to 3,500 words should be sent to by 15th September 2015.

Reasonable accommodation and travel expenses within the UK will be covered by the BSA. And we will be able to cover accommodation and make at least a contribution to travel costs for speakers coming from further afield.

THIS EVENT IS FREE AND OPEN TO ALL, BUT REGISTRATION IS REQUIRED. Please email Chloe Yalcin ( to register. If you would like information on options for childcare at Southampton whilst attending the workshop, please let Chloe know (as far in advance as possible) please.

This conference is being organized in accordance with the British Philosophical Association / Society for Women in Philosophy Good Practice Guidelines on Conferences and Seminar Series.


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