Call: MMSYM 2015: The 3rd European and the 6th Nordic Symposium on Multimodal Communication

Call for Papers

MMSYM 2015: The 3rd European and the 6th Nordic Symposium on Multimodal Communication
Venue: Trinity College Dublin, Ireland, September 17, 18, 2015

Deadline for papers: May 31 2015

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The 3rd European Symposium on Multimodal Communication will be held in Dublin on 17, 18 September 2015.

The symposium provides a forum for researchers from different disciplines who study multimodality in human communication as well as in human-computer interaction. The multimodal communication symposium is organised by the Speech Communication Lab at Trinity College Dublin.

Multimodal communication as a research area is growing rapidly. There is indeed an increased interest in embodied and situated communication – how humans interact with each other using different modalities, as well as how technological artifacts affect communicative activities. Work places as well as school environments, health care and other services increasingly involve complex multimodal communication. The development in innovative computer interfaces, mobile media and robotics makes new multimodal technical solutions to communicative challenges possible while at the same creating new challenges for communication research.

As in the preceding editions, we aim to present a broad view of the field by accepting papers in a wide range of topics.


Topics addressed in the symposium cover all aspects of multimodal communication, including but not limited to:

  • technologies for tracking human multimodal behaviors, especially gesturing
  • multimodal interpretation and generation
    • gestures and other modalities as communicative signals in human-human and human-robot interaction
    • gestures and other modalities in interpreting user’s intentions, attitude, and emotions
  • combination of gesture signals with other modalities
    • speech and gesture synchrony
  • representation of multimodal signals
  • empirical studies of human multimodal behavior
  • multimodal communication in dyads and multiparty conversations
  • gesture-based intelligent user interfaces, virtual agents and human-robot interaction
    • evaluation and design issues in multimodal interfaces
  • Speech, gestures and signs in human communication
  • Intercultural aspects of multimodal behaviour
  • Multimodality aspects of language acquisition
  • Multimodal human computer interaction and conversational agents
  • Multimodal systems for sign language users
  • Multimodal health communication
  • Multimodal communication, communication disorders and communication support (AAC)
  • Multimodal dialogue systems
  • Multimodal corpora
  • Sign language corpora
  • Annotation schemes and tools for multimodal corpora
  • Automatic recognition and interpretation of different modalities and their interaction
  • Machine-learning techniques applied to multimodal data
  • Evaluation methods for multimodal systems

Submissions are invited in the form of two-page anonymous abstracts. Please submit abstracts in pdf form via EasyChair at:

Submission deadline is 31 May 2015.

The accepted papers will be published in the online proceedings and distributed at the conference. A peer-reviewed publication of the selected and extended papers is being considered.

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