This apartment travels from Tokyo to Paris in an instant

[Reminiscent of a home holodeck… this is from Fast Company, where the story includes a large photo gallery and a 0:31 minute video; more info and images are available in the coverage at designboom. –Matthew]

Airbnb apartment transports via projection mapping

This Apartment Travels From Tokyo To Paris In An Instant

Thanks to a few projectors, a blank interior design can transform into anything.

April 10, 2015
Mark Wilson

It starts as a blank white room. A white bed. A white comforter. A white table. A white couch. But moments later, thanks to the magic of a few projectors, the space gets all new materials, finishes, and decor, taking you to Bali, Tokyo, Penang, or Paris—where you can even look out the window and see the Eiffel Tower.

The project was a promotion by Airbnb Singapore to celebrate the romance of traveling to various homes and cultures around the world. In that regard, it’s a great advertisement for the brand. But the reason we appreciate it is the pure futuristic eye candy of it all, that through projection-mapping alone, designers created some fairly convincing facsimiles of apartments around the world, transforming a space to feel totally different.

In Tokyo, pixels paint sliding shoji screens that open to reveal a garden full of cherry blossoms, while in Bali, the walls turn to bamboo and the furniture turns wicker. Penang is a place where brick and broken plaster muddle into a shabby-chic escape, while Paris features old stone walls, art hung in gilded frames, and a garbage can made of marble.

The effect isn’t perfect—and if you’re standing in the way of the projector, you would leave a shadow on the wall. But even still, it’s intriguing to imagine a world where we could change a room’s interior design, or even its view, with the flick of a switch.

[via designboom]


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