Taste food off your phone with Maxis Screen Savour

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Maxis Screen Savour

Taste food off your phone with Maxis Screen Savour

Posted By Boss Geek on Mar 30, 2015

Ever drooled over a well taken food pics on Instagram? Some look so good you wish you could just lick them of your screen and taste them. Of course if your idea of a good taste is the salty taste of your face sweat or the dull taste of plastic, than that might work. But what if there is a way to literally taste all that foodie goodness off your smartphone?

It seems Maxis has come up with a solution to this previously un-thought off problem. They’re calling it the Screen Savour, a screen protector like solution that works with a variety of tablets and smartphones and lets you lick all that delicious goodness off your mobile device’s screen.

Can’t figure if you’d prefer that steak or lobster caserole at a restaurant? No problem, just snap a picture of either, lick your screen for either and voila, your decision is much easier? Or wondering if that bowl of curry laksa your friend Instagramed at Ipoh is worth making the trip? Just lick instead of liking the picture and you’ll really know if it’s really all that good.

Hungry for more? Now’s your chance to get a taste to this awesome new tech as Maxis will be giving out 100 Screen Savours starting this week. Just be among the first 100 customers that order a device from the Maxis Online Store between 1-7 April. For more information on the Screen Savour, you can check out their official site here.

This is great news as Maxis will be doing this in conjunction with its pre-orders for the new Samsung Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 edge on 3rd April. The first 1,000 customers who pre-order will also be getting a free wireless charger and a screen protector worth RM280. So what are you waiting for? Time to get those tastebuds tasting!


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