Call: The Games User Research Book


The Games User Research Book
A comprehensive overview of the field and practice of user research in games

Abstracts due: October 15, 2014

The goal of this community-driven book is to assist the game industry and academic[s] with building and maturing current user research practices, via dissemination of knowledge from the people and companies who have already adopted these practices and to provide a reference point for GUR work in games – see

The Game User Research book (“GURbook”) will provide a venue for collating and disseminating knowledge and best practices about user research in games from industry and academia alike. The book aims to form an entry point for people into Game User Research, as well as a reference point and source of inspiration for experts.

Given the incredible diversity in the domain of game user research, and the broad target audience (professionals, researchers and students) the editorial process for the book is set up to be able to accommodate contributions from both academia and industry. An advisory board will provide running feedback on the editorial process and chapter submissions.

Deadline for chapter proposal submission is 15th October, 2014. Proposals should be 500 words max, including title and author name(s) + brief bio, submitted to the editors (

Proposal are used to get an early idea about what content we can expect. Authors will be informed if their proposed topic is out of range for the book or if it needs modification.

More detailed instructions on submissions and timeline can be found on the companion website at:


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