Call: ‘Social NUI: Social Perspectives in Natural User Interfaces’ Workshop at DIS 2014

Call for Papers:
DIS 2014 Workshop on Social NUI: Social Perspectives in Natural User Interfaces

This one-day workshop will be held as part of the DIS 2014 Conference on Designing Interactive Systems (, held in Vancouver, Canada 21-25 June


  • Submission by:  21 March 2014
  • Notification of acceptance:  31 March 2014
  • Camera Ready Copy:  20 April 2014
  • Workshop day:  21 or 22 June 2014


The term Natural User Interfaces (NUI) has come to refer to a broad collection of interactive technologies argued to draw upon existing human capabilities for communication and human capacity to manipulate the physical world. Examples include input modalities such as voice, gesture, eye gaze, and body-based interaction. While the notion of naturalness is widely deployed in motivating narratives around such technologies, it has also come under increasing scrutiny and debate in recent years examining what is meant by natural and challenging the basic claims of intuitiveness, usability, learnability attributed to them. While such critiques provide key elements of understanding these technologies, the discussion often resides in the locus of interface between an actor and the material elements of a NUI device. What is less attended to is a concern with the social elements of NUI and how we conceive of and understand these technologies in the social and collaborative context of everyday social practices. Our focus here is on what we call Social NUI which draws attention to different facets of NUI technology.  In the first instance, we are concerned with how such technologies can be used in support of collaborative contexts and facilitation of social interaction – how we communicate together, play together, learn together and collaboratively work together. In part this is about collaborative use of these systems but it is also about how these systems can be specifically designed for the cooperative production of particular interactions. In the second instance, the social refers to a particular analytic orientation to the understanding of these so-called NUI technologies; how they are made sense of and given meaning in the context of particular practice. In this respect then, we need to extend our analytical concerns around NUI technologies to consider the meaning and values of them as they are enacted in context.


We invite authors to submit 2-4 page position papers (ACM Extended Abstract Format, see describing original research on the design or interactive experience of Social NUI. We are interested in Social NUI across a number of contexts: home, work, public space, education and healthcare. Contributions may include:

  • Studies of collaborative use of NUI technologies
  • New NUI technologies for social interaction
  • Understanding of NUI in real world contexts
  • Domain specific aspects of social NUI
  • Technologies for collective NUI interaction
  • Approaches to the evaluation of social NUI

Submissions should be sent in PDF format to

For more information, please visit


Frank Vetere, University of Melbourne
Kenton O’Hara, Microsoft Research Cambridge
Jeni Paay, Aalborg University
Bernd Ploderer, University of Melbourne
Richard Harper, Microsoft Research Cambridge
Abigail Sellen, Microsoft Research Cambridge


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