Call: Frontiers Special Issue: Uncanny Valley Hypothesis

Frontiers Special Issue: Uncanny Valley Hypothesis

In collaboration with Frontiers in Psychology, a Research Topic titled “The Uncanny Valley Hypothesis and beyond.” is being hosted by Marcus Cheetham and Ayse Pinar Saygin.

The idea behind the research topic is to create an organized, comprehensive collection of contributions, as well as a forum for discussion and debate for contributors from different domains (including but not limited to robotics, computer graphics and animation, artistic design, cognitive science, psychology and neuroscience) to present their perspective on the Uncanny Valley Hypothesis and its relevance.

We have created a homepage on the Frontiers website (section “Frontiers in Cognitive Science”) where all articles will appear after peer-review and where participants in the topic will be able to hold relevant discussions:

Once published, contributions will remain free to access for all readers.

Should you be interested in contributing to this special issue, please follow the link above for further details. Contributions can be articles describing original research, reviews, opinions, and method and theory papers. Articles will be indexed in PubMed and other academic archives. As an author in Frontiers, you retain the copyright to your own papers and figures.


Marcus Cheetham

Guest Associate Editor, Frontiers in Cognitive Science


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