Oculus app let fans ‘sleep with’ Hatsune Miku

[From Ani.me, where the story includes a 6:59 minute video; information and another video about a related app that lets the user shake hands with Hatsune Miku is available from Kotaku]

Sleeping with Hatsune Miku in Oculus Rift

[News] Oculurs VR Allows Fans to ‘Sleep With’ Hatsune Miku

By Scott Larsen October 5, 2013

I have friends who are absolutely obsessed with characters. They pride themselves on owning anything and everything which feature’s their obsession’s image: posters, wallets, and of course the coveted hug-pillows. To these individuals, I now simply laugh at their obviously meager efforts. Why? Because with the new Oculus Rift VR, you can take your levels of crazy fandom to an entirely new level. This is where the big boys tread.

University student and obvious Miku fan Negipoyoc has created an application which for all intents and purposes, allows Oculus users to ‘sleep with’ Hatsune Miku. With the headset on and properly calibrated, a virtual Miku can be seen sleeping on the bed next to you, occasionally fluttering her eyes, yawning, and possibly other actions. Sure, the image is only a projected image, but that’s more than enough to excite many fans. After all, who doesn’t want to roll over in the night and find an attractive girl laying the bed next to you?

As you might guess though, sleeping is only where the fun begins. With some clever planning, you can overlay the image onto a body-pillow. Umm, for added cuddling power only of course, nothing else. Plus, buy your favorite feminine perfume, spray it on the body pillow, and your virtual Miku will smell nice too. Again, for a better simulation of ‘sleeping’, and only ‘sleeping’… Who am I kidding; this app is 1/2 a step away from something that you can only find in the 18+ section. First you were able to shake hands with the “Miku Miku Akushu” app by GOROman, now you can sleep with the “Miku Miku Soine” app; anyone want to guess what the next innovation will entail? It will be a literal dream come true for some fans. Unique fans at least; ones with interesting dreams.

No word on how comfortable that headset is to sleep in though, and it’s probably a good thing if it is not. Who knows what Miku will do to you while you’re sleeping defenseless next to her?

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