Virtual reality art show takes viewers into a seedy underworld

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VR art show

Virtual Reality Art Show Takes Viewers Into A Seedy Underworld

The Nail Polish Inferno uses the Oculus Rift to transport people to a hallucinatory alternate universe.

Laura Chase on September 13, 2013

Step inside a virtual reality art show without moving a finger. ‘The Nail Polish Inferno’ is a digital art installation that immerses people in a hallucinatory 3-D ecosystem, that resembles a strip club full of mutant fantastic creatures such as provocative galactic purple pole dancers, sharks swinging on the ceiling, a giant hand that moves like an octopus, a grotesque man in underwear and other disturbing imagery.

You can freely move and wander around this virtual dimension simply by moving your head in the direction you would like to go. The program uses the Oculus Rift, a next-generation, virtual reality headset, designed for immersive gaming.

This project is the lovechild of the collaboration between Geoffrey Lillemon, one of the leading digital artists and random studio, a creative studio and technology workshop based in Amsterdam that was formed by a team of visual artists, designers and engineers that craft interactive experiences.

This visually stimulating immersive art show aims to explore the intersection between art and technology. “Breaking art with technology and technology with art” as Lillemon says on his blog.

You can download the free game here, but to enjoy fully the experience you will need the Oculus Rift. If you don’t have the 3D headset, sneak a peek of this virtual art show [here].


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