Ad for LG 4K TVs scares with screen as window illusion

[Whether they’re actors or not, a great example of presence; this is from with links to some of the other coverage added]

Scene from LG's TV commercial

LG: Ultra 4K TV Can Be Scary Good

By Swanni

Washington, D.C. (September 8, 2013) – LG is ready to do anything to sell the new 4K TVs even if it means almost scaring people to death.

The Los Angeles Times reports that LG recently replaced the window of a high-rise office building in Chile with an 84-inch 4K set and then invited people to come in to interview for mythical jobs. During the interviews, which [were] filmed for later presentation on YouTube (see video [here]), the 4K screen displays a meteor crashing into the Earth and destroying the city.

As you can imagine, the interviewees reacted with real alarm to the fake event, cowering under furniture and generally moving about the room as if the world is coming to an end.

There’s no way of telling if the interviewees were real folks or just actors. USA Today says LG would not respond to questions about the prank. However, The Los Angeles Times notes that LG previously did a similar prank in South Korea, making an elevator floor look like a ghost was surfacing.

And who can forget LG’s fake campaign for a TV series called Scarlett that was never thus. It appears that the folks over at LG have a lot of time on their hands — and a penchant for taking advantage of innocent people to promote a new product.

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