Call: “Exploring the User Experience of Autonomous Driving” (Automotive’UI 13 Workshop)

Workshop on “Exploring the User Experience of Autonomous Driving”

October 27th, 2013, Eindhoven, The Netherlands Held in conjunction with 5th International Conference on Automotive User Interfaces and Interactive Vehicular Applications (Automotive’UI 13)

Call for Papers

Position Paper Submission Deadline:  Wed, Sep 18th, 2013
Notification on Position Papers:  Mon, Sep 23th, 2013
Workshop Date:  Sunday, October 27th, 2013

This workshop will explore the emerging themes of autonomous driving, social driving and novel user interface approaches. The aim being to define the future landscape for research within and across each these areas.

It aims to collect different, radical, innovative, versatile and engaging works that challenge or re-imagine human interactions in today’s automobile space. It will seek to challenge existing thinking by exploring what is possible both now and by the time the autonomous vehicle is a standard feature of our roads. Participants will be encouraged to suggest alternative concepts whether low fidelity, high fidelity, or both. Especially encouraged will be works that are experiential and can be demonstrated hands on. The workshop will be an opportunity to re-shape the conversation of automobile technology by introducing the community to a new way of thinking.


Submissions are invited on (but not limited to) the following topics:

  • Autonomous vehicles, including specific issues such as handover, legal, ethics and trust
  • Novel user interface approaches from haptics to subliminal information
  • Usability testing and user acceptance, including metrics and analysis approaches.
  • The social car, from a current human centred social networks perspective to one where cars have greater control.
  • Entertainment for drivers and passengers, including gamification


Interested workshop participants will be requested to submit a 1 page position paper by Sep 18th, 2013 describing their project and how it fits to the workshop topic. Projects can be theoretical or empirical (prototypes, studies, applications, or interaction concepts) and should be innovative in nature. The paper should also contain a short bio of the author highlighting the relevant areas of interest and current work or research.

Please submit your work via email to

We look forward to your contribution!

Workshop organizers:

Roderick McCall (University of Luxembourg)
Alexander Meschtscherjakov (University of Salzburg)
Carlos Montesinos (Intel Labs)
Alexander Muir (Microsoft)
Rabindra Ratan (Michigan State University)
Dalila Szostak (Intel Labs)
Manfred Tscheligi (University of Salzburg)
David Wilfinger (University of Salzburg)


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